Mine public commentable-editable doc. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-Q-LDjdFm-t3CA-9onMu8WIW87QDJnYpMw_znDOeHro/edit?usp=docslist_api

I am Stevertigo, and now that I understand what happened to Wikipedia/Wikimedia that molochs and oligarchs have conspired to despotically despoil our freedom, and our common right to attain freedom from molochy for our own, that the first equasion is of the first importance, that floorbombs mean a penalty of eternal mind-dying, such that..

10450yrs < ∞yrs

Floorbombs are tukes which are less than sufficient height above, or less than sufficient depth below, human Earth habitation (at ground level), to kill by irradiation only, this causing quantum string damage (QSD) to the cognitive capacity of the human beings.

Even old New York, was once New Amsterdam..



(xposted in email to barob..com) Issues with the LAMP and BAMP stacks. BSD is hard farged, from the introduction of Darwin/OSX onward the application of hacks from the Darwin "port" have imported five hookas which are extreme in their delivery of exploit, in the context of the basic "hand-shake principle" between objects in the paradigm. So in BSD 4.0 the basic issue is that hooks and handles are supposed to get increasingly fortified in accordance with a scheme which is at the core of the operating system something of a system specification, which is in the spirit of that resolution of language which and functions which the operating system can handle, and which is apt upon hard hard (military) testing of its purpose in the field. The next thing in the stack is Apache, in that its rewrite rules and redirect rules are farged, and excessively complex for something that looks so simple, and excessively simple for something that needs to be comple ( typical and standard). The mulit-dot problem is at basis where ther presence of more than one period, or dot (the same?) or decimal point (possibly different also, reference the numbers in the Large Font packages (redundant) and the periods (different only in appearance, but not in actual function) - multiple dots in the URL lets the mishandled datatype of the URL be processed with "floating-point" "math" operations (glyphs are just numbers after all), and then there can ambiguity in the URL as set, shifting in the way the URL is relayed, displayed, handled, ported, certified, socketed, etc. - A big problem. Even bigger in what was attempted to be a fix (this is really just the US, freedom oriented, and the UK, nadsemadzh, fighting over the technical specs of how DNS is handled, and ultimately its a moot technicle point anyway because the UK forts DNS under a disguised use (secret court) of the Freedom of Religion clauses in our own US Law. Anyway its time for a rebuild of nework architecture, handled under the PUC, not the FCC. GTG bill the ENISei. -Stevertigo (talk) 19:58, 1 March 2016 (UTC)