For the purpose of endorsement for the Wikimedia 2007 Board Election, my "home wiki project" is Meta, where I have edited more than 400 times, starting Feb, 2003.

Self Introduction


I am most active at Japanese wikipedia, or inactive.

I can communicate in English and Japanese.

You can leave a message at my talk page here: User talk:Tomos.

I am also an ambassador of Japanese Wikipedia. If you have a question regarding Japanese Wikipedia, please feel free to ask. If you want to notify Japanese Wikipedians of something, please feel free to ask my help. The page to go for posting in a foreign language is ja:Wikipedia:Chatsubo for Non-Japanese Speakers.

  • I am usually more interested in asking questions and learning how other people think than making my own arguments.
  • I am more interested in forming concensus than expressing my strong opinions.

Major priorities and activities at meta:

Enhancing interlingual ties

Participating wikimedia self-governance and interlingual coordination

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Personal notes

/Notes on legal issues /Notes on Japanese court cases /ToDo /ウィキペディアはどうして成長し続けるのか /My take on GFDL

Wikipedia BBS (Moderation and Arbitration)