Вікімедыя Цэнтральнай і Усходняй Еўропы

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Вікімедыя Цэнтральнай і Усходняй Еўропы ці CEEWikiLink гэта партнёрства паміж супольнасцямі Вікімедыя ў Цэнтральнай і Усходняй Еўропа. Асноўнай мэтай групы з'яўляецца стымуляванне росту для ўсіх праектаў Вікімедыя гэтага рэгіёну і дапамогі ў супрацоўніцтве і разуменні асобных праектаў, якія з'яўляюцца часткай рэгіёну Цэнтральнай і Усходняй Еўропы.

Загальныя палажэнні

The Central and Eastern European Wikimedia Group, also called as CEEWiki Group or CEEWikiLink, was founded in Haifa at Wikimania 2011. Its main purposes are organizing chapter meetings and helping those countries which have no chapter or user group.

What is the purpose of this group?

CEE Partnership is basically a broad project to "link-up" the CEE wikis in mutual co-operation. Some initiatives of this project include:

  • Wikimedia meetup Central and Eastern Europe
  • A joint CEE mailing list, facebook page or IRC channel #wmceeconnect
  • An article coverage campaign (this includes each CEE wiki having articles about other CEE countries - e.g. the Romanian Wikipedia having articles about famous Estonians and towns in Estonia)
  • A representative body aimed at extending communication with other movement parties and developing constituent communities.

Why is this group unique?

It is the first time that a group of Wikimedia projects in a region have come together for co-operation. Outside Meta, we have seen fairly little co-operation between Wikimedia projects of different languages, on an organised scale. That's important because, by co-operating, all CEE wikis can grow mutually. This will also strengthen the voice of CEE wikis in the general Wikimedia structure. Just look at what the European Union has achieved!


Wikimedia projects in following languages are included in WMCEE[1]:

Wikipedia active editors
албанская 55
армянская 190
азербайджанская 190
беларуская 70
баснійская 35
балгарская 203
харвацкая 145
чэшская 585
эсперанта 86
эстонская 250
грузінская 69
грэчаская 282
венгерская 514
латышская 88
літоўская 87
македонская 64
польская 1238
румынская 247
руская 3216
сербская 324
славацкая 134
славенская 124
турэцкая 171
украінская 999

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  1. At least 5 edits per month. Data from stats.wikimedia.org, as of 31 May 2018