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This is the information page of the Wikimedia Community User Group Albania.

Wikimedia Community User Group Albania

LocationFlag of Albania.svg Albania
Country codeAL
Approval date13 May 2018
Official language(s)Albanian

Wikimedia Community User Group Albania is a group of users of Albanian Wikimedia projects who are interested in organizing and participating in outreach activities on national level including GLAM and Education initiatives. Members of the group have been active for quite some time already participating and co-organizing among others many educational partnerships (memorandum of understanding with the Municipality of Tirana about open knowledge), workshops, presentations in free software events (see OSCAL), or edit-a-thons organized in Tirana as part of the Code Week activities. WCUGA aims at the organization and representation of the Albanian community as well as the promotion and participation on projects that the Wikimedia Fundation keeps.


Public mailing list


Wiki in Education Program Albania
  • Develop a strategy for outreach activities in Albania and successful implementation of the strategy;
  • Develop relationships with Albanian GLAM institutions;
  • Develop and establish a Wiki Education program in Albania;
  • Improve quality and number of articles and other content in Albanian language in Wikimedia projects;
  • Improve quality and number of content about Albania in other languages in Wikimedia projects, including projects like Commons and Wikidata;
  • Collaborate with other Wikimedia user groups and chapters, other free culture groups in Albania and the region.


Basic outline of the general structure of the Wikimedia Community User Group Albania to be replaced by proper statutes & bylaws upon registration.

  • All members that are members of the group for more than 12 months elect a board of 3 people. The election of the new board will be conducted in June of each year.
  • The board is responsible for running the everyday activities of the user group (administration, working on goals, supporting projects, community management and building and volunteers) and the strategic planning.
  • The board and two additional members (selected on a yearly rotation basis by agreement), must produce a detailed report of the user group and the strategic planning at least once a year (the latest each April of each year), which is to be accepted by all members with simple majority.
  • The board is responsible for drafting bylaws and plan out a path to becoming a future chapter. These are to be accepted by all members with absolute majority.
  • Projects of the UG can be implemented in collaboration with non-UG members and organisations/institutions. The members of the UG need to have consensus on assigning one or more member(s) to be assigned as a project manager of such initiative/project/collaboration. After the agreement of the members the board is responsible for following up with the project manager and facilitating paperwork that needs to be done in each case.
  • The board might propose to create additional positions within the user-group tackling specific tasks. The newly created positions are to be accepted by all members with simple majority.


Membership is open. To become a member use the mailing list to present yourself, which will help the members of the UG to understand better your engagement with Wikimedia projects. We expect new members to attend our virtual or physical events and activities for at least six (6) months before becoming a member of the User Group. The aim is to have the time to understand better how the UG works and the responsibilities that come along with the membership. When one or more users do not respect the CoC (general and for events) and Wikimedia Foundation Friendly Space policy, the majority of the members try to find a consensus about it. If consensus is not achieved a voting process is initiated by the board so that the members take a decision about the case.

Contact personsEdit

  • Aulona Koliçaj, Albanian Wikipedia;
  • Jora Kasapi, Albanian Wikipedia;
  • Leeturtle, Albanian Wikipedia;

For this user group we will keep the list of contacts up to three for ease of communication and coordination. If you want to participate please add your username/name below. Your participation is highly appreciated.

Other active participantsEdit

Members of group who have been actively involved in organizing or participating in groups efforts.

Projects and activitiesEdit

Activity reports


Planned activities

Ongoing effortsEdit

Legislative initiative
  • initiative to change Freedom of Panorama restrictions in Albania based on the experience of other countries.
Partnerships with GLAM institutions
  • strategic planning for collaboration with GLAM institutions in Albania.
Copyright reform efforts
  • introduction of Creative Commons and Public domain empowerment initiatives in Albania.

Activities for 2017

Moments during Code Week 2017 in Burrel

Activities for 2018

Planned activitiesEdit

Below are some of the planned activities of our user group. The final plan of activities will be published after the members meeting in mid January.

  • Wikipedia Anniversary (15.01.2018) Y
  • Wiki editathon @ Ernest Koliqi school (23.01.2018)  Y
    • Part of Wiki in Education initiative.
  • Code4Culture Hackathon(s)

C4C Albania is the first series of hackathons related to open cultural elements of Albania in collaboration with GLAM institutions. Based on the Coding da Vinci C4C brings cultural heritage institutions together with the hacker, designer, open data, Wikimedia & OpenStreetMap communities to develop ideas and prototypes for the cultural sector and for the public. More specifically the activities of 2018 will include:

Moments during Editathon in Korçë
    • Editathon Code4Culture / Korçë /: 28.04.2018 @ Korça Archaeological Museum (also meeting about QRpedia). Here you can find a report about what happen at the event.  Y
    • Editathon Code4Culture / Tiranë: end of May 2018 in collaboration with the Albanian National Centre of Cinematography (meta page will be added soon)
    • Editathon Code4Culture / Durrës: TBA in collaboration with Durrës Museum (meta page will be added soon). Meeting with the director need to happen. QR pedia;
  • Wiki Weekend 2018 in Tirana
    • 8 & 9 December 2018: the yearly gathering of SQ Wikimedians where edit-a-thons, local user group strategy discussion and yearly planning takes place. We will focus on GLAM editathon and/or Wiki in Education initiatives.
  • Wikimedia Community User Group Albania visit at AQSHF (19.12.2018)

All the people interest to participate should register here.

Activities for 2019

  • WikiFilmat SQ Projekt
 * 15.02.2019 - Activity at National Film Center  Y
 * 19.03.2019 - Editathon no.2  Y
 * 22.04.2019 - Editathon no.3  Y
 * 04.05.2019 - Editathon no.4  Y
  • 23.06.2019 QR pedia Activity Korçë
  • Wiki Weekend Tirana 2019
  • Wikimedia Hackathon on May (Canceled)
  • Pre activities for the hackathon on Tirana, Prishtina and Skopje (not finalized yet) (Canceled)

Activities for 2021

Moments during last edit-a-thon for WikiFilmat SQ in June 2021
  • Continuing with activities related to WikiFilmat SQ Project
 * 15.01.2021  @Online  as part of celebration for Wikipedia's birthday. Editathon no.5  Y
 * 06.02.2021  @Online Editathon no.6  Y
 * 20.02.2021  @Online Editathon no.7  Y
 * 29.06.2021, @Open Labs hackerspace Editathon no.8  Y
Upcoming eventsEdit
Moments during Preserving Tirana & Digital Commons workshop
  • 08.10.2021 Collaboration with people behind, a project which has the aim to document old buildings of Tirana. Event no.1  Y
  • 12.10.2021 Celebrating AdaLovelaceDay, event as part of collaboration with SCiDEV  Y
  • 15.10.2021 Wikimedia Commons - Event part of collaboration with; Event no.2  Y
  • 22.10.2021 Event part of collaboration with; Event no.3  Y
  • 29.11.2021 Event part of collaboration with; Event no.4  Y
  • 12.11.2021 Event part of collaboration with;

Annual reports

Wikimedia Community User Group Albania 2018 ReportEdit

Report page

Wikimedia Community User Group Albania 2019 ReportEdit

Wikimedia Community User Group Albania 2020 ReportEdit

Group meetingsEdit

Decision making process are planned to be made in a transparent process and an involvement of the group in an horizontal hierarchy structure. Notes from the meetings will be published here.


Requests for banners on SQ Wikipedia at the local forum:

  • WikiFilmat SQ: request for SQ Wikimedians to create and/or edit articles about Albanian films: Sept. 2018;
  • Wiki Weekend 2018: promo banner: Oct. 2018;
  • Wiki in Education: request from institutions to participate in the program: Dec. 2018;

Group members policyEdit

All user group members agree on:

Affiliations Committee ResolutionsEdit