Wikimedia Community User Group Albania/December Meetup 2018

During the second day of Wiki Weekend 2018 on 9th of December, we discussed about projects for the 2019.

Governance edit

  • Division of the works for members will be as we decided on June meeting.
  • We will update our meta page for user group, to have more clear what does it mean to be a member in our UG and how someone can join us.
  • Meetings will be held once in a month.
  • We will continue to publish our notes on our meta page.

Projects edit

  • Memorandum of collaboration with National Film Center is ongoing and will be signed soon.
  • We will try to establish other collaborations with GLAM institutions in Albania.
  • Sidorela & Redon will work to create a form in albanian wikipedia for all the institutions that will want to collaborate with us, as a way to get in touch.
  • Activities for Code4Culture will continue during 2019.
  • More activites for Wiki in Education. A detailed work plan later.

SQ Wikipedia Banners edit

  • forme aplikimi per institucionet publike
  • Code4Culture: WikiFilmat

Upcomming events in Albania edit

  • Wiki Weekend 2019
  • OSCAL 2019 - Apply with booth, workshop and presantations

Global/Regional events edit

  • Wikimania
  • CEE meeting 2019
  • Wikimedia+Education conference

UG Annual report & grants edit

  • We have to work on our annual report as a UG. Deadlines to be checked.
  • Review ongoing grant applications
  • Application for annual grant in may

Collaboration with other communities edit

It is very important to establish good relationships and partnership with other user groups, chapters or communities in order to improve Wikipedia or other Wikimedia projects.