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Universal Code of Conduct

The Universal Code of Conduct facilitation team is hosting round-table discussions for Wikimedians to talk together about how to enforce the Universal Code of Conduct.

The calls will last between 60 and 90 minutes, and will include a 5-10 minute introduction about the purpose of the call, followed by open discussions including talking about the key enforcement questions. The ideas shared during the calls will be shared with the committee working to draft an enforcement policy. Please sign up ahead of time to join. In addition to these calls, input can still be provided on the key questions at local discussions or on Meta in any language

The summaries of the round-tables created primarily using the shared etherpad notes are available for review and editing by participants.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Universal Code of Conduct 2021 consultations so far.

Sign upEdit

Please sign up below on the day(s) you wish to attend by using four tildes (~~~~) or via email to bchoo-ctr wikimedia org. The discussions will be held on Zoom. Links to the meetings will be provided on this page a few days before they occur. The calls will not be recorded. Participation via video or audio is not required; participants may engage using the Zoom text chat. The UCoC facilitation team is open to using other platforms, such as Wikimedia Meet, for future roundtables.

Participants from the Wikimedia Foundation will include:

Upcoming (date to be determined)Edit

Participants can also indicate other spoken languages below: with sufficient interest, discussions in other languages can be facilitated.

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Discussion topicsEdit

Feel free to add topics of interest below.

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