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SWViewer (direct link) is a user-friendly webapp that is used to detect and revert vandalism, spam, and other types of destructive edits made at various Wikimedia projects.

シンプルで直感的なUIで、リアルタイムに変更を把握できます。 In doing so, it provides a lot of features; such as rollback, speedy deletion, edit source.






If you use Chrome browser, you can install SWViewer as a WebApp on desktop as well as mobile, instructions for which are as follows:


SWViewer.js is a user script that basically adds a link under the "Tools" section on the sidebar to access the SWViewer tool easily from any page.


SWViewer may only be used by editors with a Wikimedia account.

Additionally, the account must meet some qualifications to reduce the probability of users misidentifying vandalism.

The account must have rollback on project they want to use or global rollback.

The application works in two modes called global queue and local queue.

Global queue receive edits from small wikis plus some additional wikis and enabled by default for stewards, global sysops and global rollbackers.

ローカルキューは、グローバルユーザー権限を持たないユーザーが、1つ以上のプロジェクトに対して巻き戻しを行う場合に有効です。 ローカルキューでは、ユーザーが巻き戻し可能な編集のみを取得します。

Users who don't have global rights can also enable global queue from settings and perform undo but they should have 1000 edits globally (except test wikis) and should not have more than one active block.



  1. Cross-wiki patrolling: SWViewer uses EventStreams to get edits and since EventStreams has edits from all WMF wikis, it can be used on any wiki or combination of wikis.
  2. ユーザーインターフェイス SWViewer's interface is a minimal one. This is due to a belief that SWViewer should focus exclusively on vandalism/spam removal, rather than becoming a general-purpose framework for a diversity of unconstructive edits. When more information is needed the interface provides links to relevant pages of the wiki, which open in a normal web browser.
  3. クロスプラットフォーム: Developed mainly in JavaScript, PHP and hosted on Toolforge, SWViewer is cross-platform. It can be easily used on any device including mobile phones and actually has a mobile-friendly interface.



SWViewer users can add the userbox to their page.

You will also be listed in Wikimedians who use SWViewer.

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 This user uses SWViewer to revert vandalism.