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This help page contains a list of guides and single-topic help files for the MediaWiki software compiled at the main page of meta.wikimedia.org . It is progressively being moved to the www.mediawiki.org website. Wikimedia's Meta-Wiki was formerly where such documents were managed and also where proposals were discussed before MediaWiki was created. There is still content that has yet to be moved or modified.

This help page is only for the MediaWiki wiki software. Many MediaWiki-powered wikis still have a help link that points to this page. If you came here from a wiki based on other software or you are looking for help not related to MediaWiki software, we will not be able to help you.

MediaWiki is a free software wiki engine licensed under the GNU General Public License. It is used by many websites, including this one.

हस्तपुस्तकानि खण्डानि

सहायकानि पृष्ठानि उपयोक्तुः प्रकारस्य अनुसारेण, पाठकेभ्यः सम्पादकेभ्यः च। उपशामकेभ्यः सङ्गणकप्रबन्धकेभ्यः च निमातेभ्यः च सहायकानि पृष्ठानि एतत्कालम् प्राप्यानि यथाक्रमेषु विशिष्टेषु खण्डेषु।




हस्तपुस्तकस्य इदं खाण्डं MediaWiki.org जलपृष्ठस्य सङ्गणकप्रबन्धकिनि खाण्डेषु नूनम् उपगम्यम् अस्ति।


This part of the handbook is now available in the Sysadmin section of the MediaWiki.org website.


This part of the handbook is now available in the Developer section of the MediaWiki.org website.



पश अपि