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Global user pages are user pages defined on Meta that apply on other Wikimedia wikis. This includes three pages:

  1. Your Meta user page will be shown on any wiki where you don't have a local user page.
  2. Your global.css contains styles that are imported on every wiki when you're logged in.
  3. Your global.js contains scripts that are loaded on every wiki when you're logged in.

You must have a global account to use these features. The global pages will only be inherited on wikis where you have a local account (see a list of accounts attached to your global account), meaning your global user page won't appear on wikis you've never visited.

Global user page, JS script and style sheet are enabled by default, and once these pages are created they will come into effect automatically. For more details about managing and controlling global user pages, scripts and style sheets, see the documentation:

To prevent your Meta-Wiki userpage from appearing globally, you may add the __NOGLOBAL__ magic word, which also determines whether a link to a user page on a remote wiki should be red or blue.

Metawiki (this wiki) utilises an abuse filter to prevent another person's (global) user page from being edited by IP editors and editors without an elevated level of permission.

Local user pages

Your global user page won't be shown on local wikis if you already have a user page there.

Oju-iwe yii jẹ afihan bi iyipada ti oju-iwe olumulo ni Meta ni wiki agbegbe rẹ. Nitorina, ti o ko ba fẹ ki ọrọ kan pato han ni agbaye, o le lo <noinclude></noinclude> tag. Paapaa, ti o ba fẹ ki ọrọ han nikan ni agbaye, o le lo tag <includeonly></includeonly>.

Wikilinks fun oju-iwe olumulo rẹ lori Meta ko ṣiṣẹ lori wiki miiran, fun apẹẹrẹ: ni User:Apeere, nigbati o ba so pọ lori User:Example/sandbox, ni Wikidata ọna asopọ yii yoo jẹ darí si d:User:Example/sandbox, kii ṣe apoti iyanrin Meta rẹ. O le fori ọrọ yii kuro nipa lilo m:User:Example/sandbox.


Your global user page should not contain content considered inappropriate on projects where it will be displayed (see help about user pages for more information, and for interwiki links to language help pages).

Please use Meta:Civility as a guide.


While you can't translate your user page automatically into the local content language, you can translate it into the reader's user interface language (which may not be the wiki's default language!). For example, this adds a user language box, and a sentence translated into either German or English:

 |de=Willkommen auf meiner Benutzerseite!
 |en=Welcome to my user page!
 |#default=Welcome to my user page!

The text in any language can be any number of lines, but every language can only occur once inside the #switch-block. The #default-block must not be missed, as it is the fallback for all possible languages, that are not explicitly mentioned.

You can see a more complex example.

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