Synchbot is a maintenance service that creates, edits, or deletes your user pages across Wikimedia wikis. To request changes to your user pages on all wikis, see How do I make a request?. For more info about the bot, see the FAQs.

Synchbot is run on the first weekend of each month. Next scheduled run: 7–8 January 2023.


See previous requests.


request done:
Wutsje (global account · recent activity · user pages)
  • go to User:Wutsje on every wiki (except on commons, fy.*, frr:wiki, meta, nl.*)
  • and delete the page.
request_user = u'Wutsje',
request_titles = [u'User:Wutsje'],
request_action = lambda bot: bot.delete(),
skip_existing = False,
skip_new = True,
skip_unregistered = False,
skip_wikis = ['commons', 'fy.*', 'frr:wiki', 'meta', 'nl.*'],
only_wikis = [],
delete_summary = None,
edit_summary = None,

Wutsje (talk) 21:34, 2 December 2022 (UTC)

Done! Deleted 168 user pages. Skipped one page due to a local block history (you can request deletion on that wiki or via Steward requests/Miscellaneous).
The following log shows what the bot did on each wiki. You can click the columns to sort the log.
timewikilogged action
17:32commons.wikimedia.orgskipped (in skip list).
17:32www.mediawiki.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:32meta.wikimedia.orgskipped (in skip list).
17:32wikisource.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:32species.wikimedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:32strategy.wikimedia.orgdeleted (was 78 bytes).
17:32ten.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:32test.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 73 bytes).
17:32usability.wikimedia.orgdeleted (was 74 bytes).
17:33ang.wikibooks.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:33co.wikibooks.orgdeleted (was 49 bytes).
17:33fy.wikibooks.orgskipped (in skip list).
17:33ie.wikibooks.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:33ne.wikibooks.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:33si.wikibooks.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:33simple.wikibooks.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:33sk.wikibooks.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:33sq.wikibooks.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:33sr.wikibooks.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:33su.wikibooks.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:33sv.wikibooks.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:33ta.wikibooks.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:33te.wikibooks.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:33th.wikibooks.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:34tl.wikibooks.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:34tr.wikibooks.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:34tt.wikibooks.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:34ur.wikibooks.orgdeleted (was 71 bytes).
17:34uz.wikibooks.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:34vi.wikibooks.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:34vo.wikibooks.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:34cy.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 87 bytes).
17:34en.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 73 bytes).
17:34frr.wikipedia.orgskipped (in skip list).
17:34fy.wikipedia.orgskipped (in skip list).
17:34wikimania2008.wikimedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:34wikimania2009.wikimedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:35wikimania2010.wikimedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:35wikimania2011.wikimedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:35nah.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:35bg.wikinews.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:35sr.wikinews.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:35sv.wikinews.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:35ta.wikinews.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:35tr.wikinews.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:35zh.wikinews.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:35ng.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:35nl.wikipedia.orgskipped (in skip list).
17:35am.wikiquote.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:35ang.wikiquote.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:35ast.wikiquote.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:36co.wikiquote.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:36kk.wikiquote.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:36simple.wikiquote.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:36sk.wikiquote.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:36sq.wikiquote.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:36sr.wikiquote.orgdeleted (was 49 bytes).
17:36su.wikiquote.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:36sv.wikiquote.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:36ta.wikiquote.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:36te.wikiquote.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:36tr.wikiquote.orgdeleted (was 49 bytes).
17:36uz.wikiquote.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:36vi.wikiquote.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:36sa.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:36sah.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:37sc.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:37scn.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:37sco.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:37sd.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 49 bytes).
17:37se.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:37sg.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:37sh.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:37si.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:37simple.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:37sk.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 109 bytes).
17:37sl.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:37sm.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:37sn.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 49 bytes).
17:37so.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:37sl.wikisource.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:37sr.wikisource.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:38sv.wikisource.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:38ta.wikisource.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:38tr.wikisource.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:38uk.wikisource.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:38vec.wikisource.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:38vi.wikisource.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:38zh.wikisource.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:38sr.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 115 bytes).
17:38srn.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:38ss.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:38st.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:38stq.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:38su.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:38sv.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:38sw.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:38szl.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:38ta.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:38te.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:38tet.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 49 bytes).
17:39tg.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:39th.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:39ti.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:39tk.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 49 bytes).
17:39tl.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:39tn.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:39to.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:39tpi.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:39tr.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:39ts.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:39tt.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:39tum.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:39tw.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:39ty.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 49 bytes).
17:39udm.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 49 bytes).
17:39uk.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:39ur.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:39uz.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:39ve.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:40vec.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:40vi.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:40vls.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:40vo.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:40wa.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:40war.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:40wo.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:40wuu.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:40xal.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:40yi.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:40yo.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:40za.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:40zea.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 59 bytes).
17:40zh.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:40zh-classical.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:40zh-min-nan.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:40zh-yue.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:41zu.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:41fy.wiktionary.orgskipped (in skip list).
17:41sa.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:41scn.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:41sd.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:41sg.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:41sh.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:41si.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:41simple.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:41sk.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:41sl.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:41sm.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:41so.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:41sq.wiktionary.orgskipped (user has a block history).
17:42sr.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:42st.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:42su.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:42sw.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:42ta.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:42te.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:42tg.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:42th.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:42ti.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:42tl.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:42tpi.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:42tr.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
17:42ts.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:42tt.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:42ug.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:42uk.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:42ur.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:42uz.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:42vi.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:43wo.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:43yi.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:43za.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:43zh.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:43zh-min-nan.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
17:43zu.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
Pathoschild 18:17, 03 December 2022 (UTC)

Pathoschild, thanks! See here for that sq:wikt user page. Regards, Wutsje (talk) 21:04, 3 December 2022 (UTC)

ಮಲ್ನಾಡಾಚ್ ಕೊಂಕ್ಣೊ (migrate to global user page)Edit

request done:
ಮಲ್ನಾಡಾಚ್ ಕೊಂಕ್ಣೊ (global account · recent activity · user pages)
  • go to User:ಮಲ್ನಾಡಾಚ್ ಕೊಂಕ್ಣೊ on every wiki (except on en, kn, gom)
  • and delete the page.
request_user = u'ಮಲ್ನಾಡಾಚ್ ಕೊಂಕ್ಣೊ',
request_titles = [u'User:ಮಲ್ನಾಡಾಚ್ ಕೊಂಕ್ಣೊ'],
request_action = lambda bot: bot.delete(),
skip_existing = False,
skip_new = True,
skip_unregistered = False,
skip_wikis = ['en', 'kn', 'gom'],
only_wikis = [],
delete_summary = None,
edit_summary = None,

ಮಲ್ನಾಡಾಚ್ ಕೊಂಕ್ಣೊ (talk) 18:17, 3 December 2022 (UTC)

Done! Deleted 145 user pages.
The following log shows what the bot did on each wiki. You can click the columns to sort the log.
timewikilogged action
22:07commons.wikimedia.orgmarked for deletion (was 261 bytes).
22:07incubator.wikimedia.orgdeleted (was 177 bytes).
22:07www.mediawiki.orgdeleted (was 177 bytes).
22:07meta.wikimedia.orgskipped (cannot delete global user page).
22:07wikisource.orgdeleted (was 177 bytes).
22:08species.wikimedia.orgdeleted (was 218 bytes).
22:08test.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 180 bytes).
22:08af.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 171 bytes).
22:08ak.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:08als.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 186 bytes).
22:08an.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:08ang.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 183 bytes).
22:08ar.wikipedia.orgmarked for deletion (was 182 bytes).
22:08arc.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 50 bytes).
22:08ary.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 192 bytes).
22:08arz.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 183 bytes).
22:08as.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 223 bytes).
22:08az.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 173 bytes).
22:08azb.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 183 bytes).
22:08bar.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 186 bytes).
22:08bg.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:08bh.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 223 bytes).
22:09bjn.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 183 bytes).
22:09en.wikibooks.orgskipped (in skip list).
22:09mr.wikibooks.orgdeleted (was 180 bytes).
22:09bs.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:09ca.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:09ceb.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 183 bytes).
22:09ckb.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 183 bytes).
22:09cy.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:09da.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:09www.wikidata.orgdeleted (was 421 bytes).
22:09dv.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:09el.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:09en.wikipedia.orgskipped (in skip list).
22:10eo.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:10es.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:10et.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:10fa.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:10fi.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:10fo.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:10fr.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:10gag.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 186 bytes).
22:10gl.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:10glk.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 183 bytes).
22:10gom.wikipedia.orgskipped (in skip list).
22:10ha.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:10hak.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 186 bytes).
22:10haw.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 183 bytes).
22:10he.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:10hi.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 218 bytes).
22:10hif.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 183 bytes).
22:10hr.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:10hsb.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 186 bytes).
22:11hu.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:11hy.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:11id.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:11ilo.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 186 bytes).
22:11inh.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 186 bytes).
22:11it.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:11ja.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:11jv.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:11ka.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:11kk.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:11km.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:11kn.wikipedia.orgskipped (in skip list).
22:11ko.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:11ks.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:11ku.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:11kw.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:11la.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:11lad.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 186 bytes).
22:12lrc.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 183 bytes).
22:12lv.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:12mai.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 183 bytes).
22:12mg.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:12min.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 183 bytes).
22:12mk.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:12ml.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 223 bytes).
22:12mn.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:12mr.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 294 bytes).
22:12ms.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:12my.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:12mzn.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 183 bytes).
22:12nah.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 186 bytes).
22:12nds.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 186 bytes).
22:12ne.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:12new.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 183 bytes).
22:12en.wikinews.orgskipped (in skip list).
22:13nl.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:13nn.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:13no.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 651 bytes).
22:13oc.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:13or.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:13pa.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 223 bytes).
22:13pl.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:13pnb.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 183 bytes).
22:13ps.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:13pt.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:13en.wikiquote.orgskipped (in skip list).
22:13kn.wikiquote.orgskipped (in skip list).
22:13ru.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:14sa.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 218 bytes).
22:14sc.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:14sco.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 403 bytes).
22:14sd.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:14se.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:14sh.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:14si.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:14simple.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 232 bytes).
22:14so.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:14en.wikisource.orgskipped (in skip list).
22:14fr.wikisource.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:14hi.wikisource.orgdeleted (was 180 bytes).
22:14kn.wikisource.orgskipped (in skip list).
22:14mr.wikisource.orgdeleted (was 177 bytes).
22:14vec.wikisource.orgdeleted (was 186 bytes).
22:14zh-min-nan.wikisource.orgdeleted (was 186 bytes).
22:14sq.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 222 bytes).
22:15sr.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:15sv.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:15ta.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 223 bytes).
22:15tcy.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 1144 bytes).
22:15te.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:15tg.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:15th.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:15tl.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:15tr.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 260 bytes).
22:15tt.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:15ug.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:15uk.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:15ur.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:15uz.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:15vec.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 186 bytes).
22:15en.wikiversity.orgskipped (in skip list).
22:15vi.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:15vo.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:15en.wikivoyage.orgskipped (in skip list).
22:16wa.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:16wuu.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 186 bytes).
22:16yi.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:16zea.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 186 bytes).
22:16zh.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:16zh-classical.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 186 bytes).
22:16zh-yue.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 186 bytes).
22:16en.wiktionary.orgskipped (in skip list).
22:16eo.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:16es.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:16gom.wiktionary.orgskipped (in skip list).
22:16hi.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 177 bytes).
22:16kn.wiktionary.orgskipped (in skip list).
22:16mg.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:16ml.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:17nah.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 186 bytes).
22:17nia.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 186 bytes).
22:17nl.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:17sa.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 177 bytes).
22:17ta.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 185 bytes).
22:17te.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
22:17yi.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 182 bytes).
Pathoschild 22:20, 03 December 2022 (UTC)


How do I make a request?Edit

Here's how to submit a Synchbot task. If you're not sure how to fill in the template, just choose one below and add a comment explaining what you want. There's no approval process; your request will be handled in the next batch! Make sure you watch this page in case of questions.

To migrate to your global user page (delete your local User pages):
  1. Add this text at the bottom of the Requests section:
    ==={{subst:REVISIONUSER}} (migrate to global user page)===
     |user          = {{subst:REVISIONUSER}}
     |action        = delete
     |title         = User:{{subst:REVISIONUSER}}
     |text          = 
     |skip wikis    =
     |skip existing = no
     |status        = <!-- don't change this line -->
  2. Optional: add a comment before ~~~~ or edit the template with any specifics (e.g. pages to skip).
To migrate to your global CSS and JavaScript pages (delete your local *.css and *.js pages):
  1. Add this text at the bottom of the Requests section:
    ==={{subst:REVISIONUSER}} (migrate to global CSS/JS)===
     |user          = {{subst:REVISIONUSER}}
     |action        = delete
     |title         = User:{{subst:REVISIONUSER}}/*.css, User:{{subst:REVISIONUSER}}/*.js
     |text          = 
     |skip wikis    = 
     |skip existing = no
     |status        = <!-- don't change this line -->
    Please delete all local CSS and JS pages. ~~~~
  2. Optional: add a comment before ~~~~ or edit the template with any specifics (e.g. pages to skip).
For a custom request:
  1. Add this text at the bottom of the Requests section:
     |user          = {{subst:REVISIONUSER}}
     |action        = replace
     |title         = 
     |text          = 
     |skip wikis    = 
     |skip existing = yes
     |status        = <!-- don't change this line -->
  2. Edit the template values:
    field how to edit it
    user The name of the user who owns the pages. The default is your current username.
    action What you want the bot to do. This can be replace (overwrite pages with the new text), prepend (insert the new text at the top of the page), append (insert the new text at the bottom of the page), or delete (delete all pages).
    title The title of the page you want edited on every wiki.
    text The text you want placed on the edited pages. A few guidelines:
    • Don't add categories or templates, because they probably don't exist on most wikis.
    • Use interwiki links to link to a specific wiki (like [[m:Article]] for a page on Meta). Don't use interlanguage links (like [[en:Article]] instead of [[w:en:Article]]), unless you really want to link to a different wiki depending on the current project.
    • For a user page, use something simple and informative. Most people provide a few sentences about themselves with a link to their main user page. Consider using your global user page instead.
    skip wikis A list of wikis to skip (in addition to auto-skipped wikis). You can use a wildcard (like pt.* to skip all Portuguese wikis). The format doesn't really matter.
    skip existing Whether to skip pages that already exist.
  3. Watch this page in case I have questions. Otherwise it will be done soon! :)

How long will it take?Edit

The 'next scheduled run' date at the top of the page shows when requests will be handled. All open requests are typically handled within one day of that date.

What can the bot do?Edit

The bot can create, edit, or delete any of your user pages. It will edit almost all Wikimedia wikis (except private wikis, fishbowl wikis, and loginwiki).

It's very flexible and supports custom logic (e.g. edits which depend on the page size/history/content, prepending text, regex search & replace, etc). If you have a custom requirement, feel free to ask the bot operator whether it's possible.

What are the limitations?Edit

The bot has a specific scope based on its global permission requests and local community expectations.

The bot will not...

  • protect pages;
  • rename pages;
  • delete talk pages (unless you're the only editor);
  • delete your main user page on Meta;
  • delete pages on wikis where you have a block history;
  • change pages outside the User or User talk namespaces.

There are also limits on specific wikis:

wiki limitations Per request, the bot will place a speedy-delete template instead of deleting pages. Per request, the bot will place a speedy-delete template instead of deleting pages. Per discussion, the bot will place a speedy-delete template instead of deleting pages. Per request, the bot won't remove discussions on talk pages.

What is Synchbot?Edit

Synchbot is a bot which makes an automated change to a specific page title on all matching wikis. It's been run by Pathoschild since 2008. The bot uses the global deleter and global editinterface permissions, and runs under a web of permissions, exceptions, and special cases negotiated with local communities.

Historically this was used to support global user pages from 2008 to 2015 (now part of global user pages), global CSS/JS from 2008 to 2014 (now available via your global.css or your global.js), and crosswiki account creation from 2009 to 2011 (now part of unified login). Now it's mainly used to delete local pages that are no longer needed due to the new global user page features.

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