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Fund drive letter "Wikimedia needs your help" Fund drive notice Donation page
ar (status=?) الويكيميديا بحاجة لمساعدتك ar (status=?) ar (status=ok)
bg (status=ok) Уикимедия се нуждае от вашата помощ bg (status=ok) bg (status=synced 03:44, 18 August 2005)
br (status= ok) Wikimedia en deus ezhomm ac'hanout br (status= ok) br (status= ok)
cs (status=Live) Wikimedia potřebuje Vaši pomoc cs (status=Live) cs (status=Live)

de (status=Live) Wikimedia braucht Ihre Hilfe de (status=Live) de (status=Live)
el (status=Live) Η Wikimedia χρειάζεται τη βοήθειά σας el (status=Live) el (status=Live)
en (status=Live) Wikimedia needs your help en (status=Live) en (status=Live)
es (status=Live) Wikimedia necesita de tu ayuda es (status=Live) es (status=Live)
fi (status= ?) Wikimedia tarvitsee apuasi fi (status= ?) fi (status= ?)
fr (status=Live) Wikimédia a besoin de votre aide fr (status=Live) fr (status=Live)
he (status=?) ויקימדיה זקוקה לעזרתכם he (status= ?) Translation requests/WMF/Fundraising pages/Fundraising-he (status= ?)
hu (status=Live) A Wikimedia a segítségedet kéri hu (status=Live) Translation requests/WMF/Fundraising pages/Fundraising-hu (status=Live)
ia (status=?) ia (status= ?) Translation requests/WMF/Fundraising pages/Fundraising-ia (status= ?)
it (status=Live) Wikimedia ha bisogno del tuo aiuto it (status=Live) it (status=Live)
id (status=?) Wikimedia memerlukan bantuan Anda id (status=ok) id (status=synced 03:44, 18 August 2005)
ja (status=Live) ウィキメディアには皆様からのご支援が必要です ja (status=Live) ja (status=Live)

ko (status=ready) Wikimedia는 여러분의 도움을 필요로합니다. ko (status=ready) ko (status=ready)
nl (status=Live) Wikimedia heeft uw hulp nodig nl (status=Live) nl (status=Live)
nn (status=ready) Wikimedia treng di hjelp nn (status=ok) nn (status=synced 00:49, 19 August 2005)
pl (status=Live) Wikimedia potrzebuje Twojej pomocy pl (status=Live) pl (status=Live)
pt (status= ready) A Wikimedia precisa da sua ajuda pt (status=ok) pt (status=synced 03:44, 18 August 2005)
ru (status=Live) Викимедиа нуждается в вашей помощи ru (status=Live) ru (status=Live)
sl (status= ready) Wikimedia potrebuje vašo pomoč sl (status=ok) sl (status=synced 03:44, 18 August 2005)
vi (status=ready) Wikimedia cần bạn giúp đỡ vi (status=ok) vi (status=synced 22:22, 18 August 2005)
zh (status=Live) 维基媒体需要您的帮助 zh (status=Live) zh (status=Live)


xx is the language code. See List of Wikipedias for your language's code and replace xx with that

Fund drive letter
"Wikimedia needs your help"
  • The title that the fund drive letter will be under. It needs to be translated into the corresponding language.
Fund drive notice
Donation page