The Community Wishlist Survey 2023 is over! We thank everyone who participated. Hereunder, we want to share with you the voting results, notes about Larger suggestions, and express our gratitude to those who made outstanding contributions to the survey.

Voting results

Rank Proposal Category   Tickets Status
1 Dark mode Reading 240 T26070   Done by the Web team for Vector 2022
2 Allow citations to be edited in the references section with VisualEditor Citations 174 T54750   Done by ESanders (WMF)
3 Display the categories on the mobile site for everyone Mobile and apps 162 T24660
Related: T73966
4 Notifications for user page edits Anti-harassment 130 T3876
Related: T296955
  Done by Legoktm, ESanders (WMF) and KHarlan (WMF)
5 Quickly add infobox Editing 129 T55590, T347370   In progress… and now called Template Picker Improvements
6 VisualEditor should use proper names for references Editing 129 T52568, T92432, T245199
7 Extend "Who Wrote That?" tool to more wikis Reading 125 T332195
Related: T243711, T270490, T296590, T298007
  Done by MusikAnimal (WMF) and Sage (Wiki Ed)
8 Auto-save feature Editing 124 Related: T57370, T75241   In progress… and now called Edit Recovery
9 Avoid editing conflicts Editing 124 T329975
Related: T19467
10 Warn when adding a url reference that matches the SpamBlacklist Citations 123 T276857
Related: T315072, T327330
  In progress… The Editing team's edit check project will include this for VisualEditor.
11 Quickly add favorite and related templates Editing 116 T55590, T347370   In progress… and now called Template Picker Improvements
12 Prompt for page number(s) for compatible cite sources (e.g. book, journal) Citations 99 T216817
13 Add notice to Visual Editor that unsourced edits may be reverted New contributors 99 T300942
Related: T265163
14 Layering/timing of blocks Admins and patrollers 91 T194697   In progress… see Community Wishlist Survey 2023/Multiblocks for updates.
15 Enable 180°-360° metadata detection and embed/navigate capabilities in Commons/MediaViewer Multimedia and Commons 91 T151749, T138933, T70719
16 Adding statements on mobile devices Wikidata 87 T95878
17 Add link to CentralAuth on Special:Contributions Admins and patrollers 85 T331743
Related: T57473, T140585, T67446
  Done by TheresNoTime
18 Support copying references to other languages with the correct format Translation 84 Related: T222059
19 Add ability to share QR code for a page in any Wikimedia project Mobile and apps 83 T329973
Related: T242467
  Done with some possible follow-ups. See Community Tech/Sharing QR Codes for updates.
20 Auto-merging the identical references in HTML output Citations 81 Related: T311369, T246960
21 Search bar at preferences Miscellaneous 81 T313804
Related: T53147
  Done by ESanders (WMF)
22 Nested templates in Visual Editor Editing 78 T52355
23 Clickable map for coordinate locations Wikidata 75 T329852   Hackathonable
24 Different alphabetical sortings according to languages Wiktionary 75 T30397
25 Native SVG support Multimedia and Commons 72 T5593   In progress… by TheDJ
26 Reference requirement for new article creation New contributors 72 T329942
Related: T265163
27 Visual Editor should automatically map templates when pasting content form other languages Translation 71 T243150
28 Mobile site or desktop by browser's function Mobile and apps 70 T60425
29 Make Navigation Popups & Page Previews work cross-wiki Bots and gadgets 68 T67117
Related: T243820
30 Default collapse statements when they have many values Wikidata 67 T239820, T158182
31 Allow viewing of edit filter logs for IP ranges Admins and patrollers 66 T256823
Related: T146628, T188690, T257420
32 Show syntax highlighting on View Source/protected pages Miscellaneous 66 T301615   Done by MusikAnimal (WMF) as part of the CodeMirror 6 upgrade. You can follow the original project page for updates and deployments.
33 Improve handling of dates in languages other than English Wikidata 65 T63958, T221097, T214002, T65732, T260699
Related: T167788
34 Provide links to discussions that are stable after discussions get archieved Notifications, Watchlists and Talk Pages 64 T273341
35 Allow each wiki and each translatable article to have more than one source language Translation 64 T329944
36 Notify users when their revision has been approved or rejected Notifications, Watchlists and Talk Pages 63 T54510
37 Linking of citing tool with Wikidata Citations 62 Related: T289287   In progress… by D6194c-1cc
38 Easily add page numbers with "cite" automatic button for books and then easily "reuse" listed book references with/without new page number(s) if needed. Editing 61 T216817
Related: T321669
39 Block history for individual IPs on ranges Admins and patrollers 60 T146628
Related: T163562, T206954
40 Advanced sorting on Commons Multimedia and Commons 60 T329961
41 Inline diffs and inline patrol Admins and patrollers 59 T53958
Related: T327566
42 Possibility of thanking for more subsequent edits Miscellaneous 56 Related: T14191
43 Allow user to pin/unpin specific languages Reading 55 T188401
Related: T301787
44 Content translation: Editing content in wiki syntax Translation 55
45 Prevent data duplication Wikidata 55 T157774, T310981, T224333, T270375, T44325
46 Update TemplateStyles CSS rules to current CSS spec versions Miscellaneous 51 T322482, T320322, T277755
47 Minimize Wikimedia/Wikipedia's risk by enforcing 2FA on 'Mandatory Use User' groups Anti-harassment 50 T150898, T242031   Related task in progress by Taavi
48 Make Navigation Popups into an Advanced-mode of Page Previews Bots and gadgets 49 T109796
49 Update Vega to the latest build Multimedia and Commons 49 T165118   In progress… by Jon (WMF)
50 Utility to attach acccount to all wikis Admins and patrollers 48   Done by Suffusion of Yellow
51 Custom edit summaries per user Editing 48 Related: T54174
52 Customization of text Reading 48 T91201
53 Add the number of items (search results) in "What links here" Multimedia and Commons 47 T6394
54 Create a button to expand all collapsible elements on a page Reading 47 T347299   Done by JSherman (WMF)
55 Support for non-Gregorian and non-Julian calendar models on Wikidata Wikidata 47 T252627
56 Mitigate the damage caused by proxy blocks Anti-harassment 46 Related: T243863, T265812, T189362, T27000, T309328
57 DabLinks Bots and gadgets 46   Hackathonable
58 In Spam blacklist, allow sysops to enable blacklisting only on some namespaces Admins and patrollers 45 Related: T203157
59 Translatable language names Translation 45 T231755, T231748, T324892, T157809, T256649
60 A more performant bot to replace ListeriaBot Bots and gadgets 44 Related: T67626, T329380
61 Editable gallery captions in Visual Editor Editing 44 T190224   Done by ESanders (WMF) and Arlolra
62 Fix CropTool Multimedia and Commons 44
63 Prevent Flickr2Commons from uploading duplicate files Multimedia and Commons 44
64 Discussion pages should not use HTML lists Notifications, Watchlists and Talk Pages 44 T6521
65 Return to the article when closing the MediaViewer Reading 44 T241909   Done by Jon (WMF) and Matma Rex
66 Allow access to SDC from other wikis Multimedia and Commons 42 T238798
Related: T325949
67 Support linking to lexemes in structured data on Commons Multimedia and Commons 42 T304392
68 Implement Extension:ProofreadPage functionality for Parsiod (aka native support of tag:pages to Parsoid) Wikisource 42 T319258
69 Add "Sorting order by alphabet" in Special:Search Search and Categories 41 T40403
70 ContentTranslation for Wikivoyage Translation 41 T106469, T105171, T322537
Related: T322325
71 Allow grouping of blocks and protections Admins and patrollers 40
72 Wikipedia logout: Logout confirmation Miscellaneous 40
73 Communicate local and global announcements through notifications rather than banners Notifications, Watchlists and Talk Pages 40 Related: T138572, T52865
74 Sort pages with Chinese Japanese or Korean titles in a more useful order Search and Categories 40 Related: T47443
75 More languages for editing label Wikidata 40 T126510
76 Insert attestation using Wikisource as a corpus Wiktionary 40 T139152, T157802
77 Option to filter bots from the block log Admins and patrollers 39 T21322
78 Collaborative editing Editing 39 T3898, T76546, T112984
79 Cookie block exception option for hard IP blocks Admins and patrollers 38 T306751
80 Make the AbuseFilter edit window resizable and larger by default Anti-harassment 38 T294856   Done by Od1n and TheresNoTime
81 New users should see the deletion log when visiting a deleted page on English Wikipedia New contributors 38 T204234   Done by Matma Rex
82 Enabling subscribe action for lower headers for specific pages (prefix) Notifications, Watchlists and Talk Pages 38 T275943
83 Voluntary pending changes Editing 37 Related: T113004
84 Ease the creation of diagrams Multimedia and Commons 37
85 Instant linking to other articles while reading Reading 37
86 Allow checkusers to use user-agent variables in Abusefilters Anti-harassment 36 T234155, T50623
Related: T242825
87 Support ASGI on Toolforge Bots and gadgets 36 T296729   In progress… by Wikimedia Cloud Services
88 Enable a search by image in Commons Multimedia and Commons 36
89 Integrate PageImages with Wikisource Wikisource 35 T323570
90 Links for preferences Miscellaneous 34 Related: T295302   In progress… by TheresNoTime
91 Extend formula handling to cope with actuarial notation Editing 33 T175673
92 Display definitions from Wikisource dictionaries Wiktionary 33 T240191
93 Edit-war-detecting bot or bots Bots and gadgets 32   Hackathonable
94 On-wiki notifications for the Watchlist or subscriptions per page Notifications, Watchlists and Talk Pages 32 T309855, T263821, T284795
95 Wikibreak/OoO notification autoresponder Notifications, Watchlists and Talk Pages 32 Related: T327655, T329052
96 Popup to link to or create a new Wikidata item after creating an article Wikidata 32 T308059, T178249, T312927
97 Add watchers variable to AbuseFilter Anti-harassment 31
98 Allow going beyond the first page on RecentChanges/Watchlist ("older n") Notifications, Watchlists and Talk Pages 31 T20228, T163429
99 Allow template wizard to substitute a template with a checkbox Editing 30
100 Create an easy-to-use editing interface for JSON tabular data Editing 30 T248897
Related: T250919, T249419, T250065
101 Exchange rate template Editing 30
102 Add user-profile previews to page previews Miscellaneous 30
103 Photo and video requests to be fullfilled by Wikipedians all around the world Miscellaneous 30
104 Allow users to emphasise languages when looking up words. Wiktionary 30
105 Allow abuse filters to be hidden to only oversighters Anti-harassment 29 T290324
106 DabFix Bots and gadgets 29   Hackathonable
107 Automatically detect blank pages Wikisource 29
108 Create a private sandbox page for a Wikipedia user Editing 27 Related: T176647
109 Remember OCR column/region profiles Wikisource 27 T294903, T288389
110 Automate WikiProject weekly collaborations Bots and gadgets 26
111 Fix Wikipedia IFTTT integration Miscellaneous 26 T294448, T250363   Done by BDavis (WMF)
112 Improve error handling of video2commons Multimedia and Commons 26
113 Special media search to allow filters in a category Multimedia and Commons 26
114 Improve tracking of categorization changes Search and Categories 26 T89582, T130134, T126851, T148533, T270662, T270774
Related: T6366
115 Something like Extension:Variables to simplify template calls Wiktionary 26 Related: T250963
116 Add block option to hide or suppress username from logs Admins and patrollers 24 T23097
117 Allow client-side scripts to convert dates in the format used in MediaWiki interface Bots and gadgets 24 T21992
118 Change information about the number of watchers on a page Notifications, Watchlists and Talk Pages 24 Related: T313581
  Done by SMukuti-WMF
119 Allow checkusers to use XFF variable in Abusefilters Anti-harassment 23 Related: T25343
120 Allow posting new sections to top of Talk pages Notifications, Watchlists and Talk Pages 23 T33919, T313165
121 Limit which namespaces are allowed in a category on the category page itself Search and Categories 23
122 Fix security key (WebAuthn) support Miscellaneous 22 T244088, T242031
Related: T303495
  Partly in progress by Taavi
123 A warning popup when adding a DAB cat while using HotCat Multimedia and Commons 21
124 Add "search results per page" at the top of Special:Search Multimedia and Commons 21 T337115   Done by DLynch (WMF)
125 linksfrom: filter Search and Categories 21 T253642
Related: T301030
126 Improve patrolling new uploads in Commons Multimedia and Commons 20
127 Make MediaViewer actually show all authors, instead of just the first one Multimedia and Commons 20 T68606
128 Community-level notifications Notifications, Watchlists and Talk Pages 20
129 Highlight edits that are likely to have problems on page history Notifications, Watchlists and Talk Pages 20 T318372
130 Add preference to open links in a new window or tab Reading 20
131 Allow Thumbor to generate images at higher DPI Wikisource 20 T256959
132 More functionality for the talk-page reply gadget Editing 19 Related: T259865
133 Quickly visit template's page in Visual Editor Editing 19 T328021   Done by ESanders (WMF)
134 Checksums of files at Miscellaneous 19 T331761
135 Tool to copy images from archives to Commons with metadata Multimedia and Commons 19 T193526
136 Label "New Article" by default with transition to "Needs improvement" Translation 19
137 Add LUA function to read out previous section heading Wiktionary 19 T331906
138 Option to show changes from subcategories when viewing related changes of a category Admins and patrollers 18
139 Make Navigation Popups work on grandchild sub-cats from category pages Bots and gadgets 18   Hackathonable
140 Allow users to selectively disable code editor functions Editing 18 Related: T146393
141 Add a new content model for member lists Miscellaneous 18 Related: T123028
142 Ability to reorder statements Wikidata 18 T173432
143 IIIF support Wikisource 18
144 Display a notice on newly created articles Admins and patrollers 17
145 Change year range shown in date selection popup Miscellaneous 17 T334316   Done by JSherman (WMF)
146 Make Commonist work again Multimedia and Commons 17
147 Watchlist edit - "check all" checkbox Notifications, Watchlists and Talk Pages 17 T334252   Done by JKieserman (WMF)
148 "Preview page with this template" should only accept/suggest pages that transclude the template Editing 16 T279736
149 Display the metadata of video files in the metadata section of the file description Multimedia and Commons 16 T49487, T237154
150 Easier drag-and-drop uploading with licensing options Multimedia and Commons 16
151 Moving page preview window Reading 16
152 Scientific papers: Sort authors by their own rank Wikidata 16 T173432
153 Improve PagePile or create new tool for article lists for communication metrics Miscellaneous 15 T231891
154 Vote and statistic server Miscellaneous 15
155 Allow users to specify their location in their profile Miscellaneous 14 T317063
156 TOC in PDF versions can optionally include page numbers Miscellaneous 14
157 Deploy Skin:Citizen to Wikimedia wikis Reading 14
158 Date filter in deleted contributions Search and Categories 14 T36524   Hackathonable
159 Optional native language label language name Wikidata 14
160 Structure request pages Editing 13
161 Button to mark a single change as read in the global watch list Notifications, Watchlists and Talk Pages 13 T334246   Done by Tran (WMF)
162 A better way to show differences on Wikidata Wikidata 13
163 Show Wikimedias language code and language name in Wikidata label box Wikidata 12
164 Allow category in EXIF data Multimedia and Commons 11 T23795
165 Improvements to requested articles pages Miscellaneous 10
166 Can a deletion request for a category be as easy as for a file? Multimedia and Commons 10
167 Display all copyright info from the EXIF of the uploaded file in the thumbfiles Multimedia and Commons 10 T5361
168 Some transcluded templates include the page in unnecessary categories Search and Categories 10
169 Reduce Conflict - Change Revert workflow Anti-harassment 9
170 Attribution repair mechanism Admins and patrollers 8
171 Add status messages to assembling and publishing stages of upload process Multimedia and Commons 8 T309094
172 Disadvantages of '公共轉換組' in Wikipedia (Chinese Version) Search and Categories 8
173 ContentTranslation Article size Translation 8
174 Stop-time blocks Admins and patrollers 7
175 Enable removing block log entries entirely, not just redacting Admins and patrollers 6
176 Add "No keyword" as the default option in the Gerrit search dropdown list Miscellaneous 6
177 Provide example code for adding depict statements with a command line script Multimedia and Commons 6 Related: T213904, T223796
178 Sort label box by language name on Wikidata Wikidata 6
179 Make Special:Search on Commons show all requested thumbnails Multimedia and Commons 5 T266155   Partly done by TheDJ
180 Sister project read Reading 5   Already done; feature already exists
181 Kiwik template - Ping projects/limited workflow Notifications, Watchlists and Talk Pages 4 Related: T323875, T123529, T123636
182 Wikipedia API: Output also in text or in TSV format Miscellaneous 1

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