Community Wishlist Survey 2023/Reading/Instant linking to other articles while reading

  • Problem: I know that in the vast majority of articles, some terms haven't a link because they've been mentioned before, so it wouldn't be necessary to link them again. However, trying to find in the article where's the term which is linked can borrow you time -what's more, you could be searching for a link that doesn't exist. In the last case, you have to spend more time editing the page, and adding those links (you can search it on the search box after all, but anyway).
  • Proposed solution: Creating a function while reading. Upon normal text, the user can select a fragment of it believing that could be the title for an existing article. Then, the selected fragment, if it matches with the title of an article, it will show the article preview window, just as if it was a normal link.
  • Who would benefit: Common users that enter Wikipedia to check or deepen information, avoiding any distraction.
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  • Proposer: De un millón (talk) 22:34, 4 February 2023 (UTC)[reply]