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언어 언제 행사 유형 참고 연락처 / URL
en March 08th, around 17h30 UTC. Check your time zone here. Online The Wikimedia Foundation's Board of Trustees and Wikimedia collaborators will share a happy International Women's Day message live from New York.
en, it, fi, ga, ta, as, bcl, tcy, bn, ht, ml, gu, sd, tl, sw, af, th, simple, pcm, hu, tt, cv, ba, mr, bs, kn, te, sat, mni, hi, or, pa, awa, hif, dga. February 01 – 31 March International contest in 40 Wikipedia languages Feminism and Folklore 2024 is an annual celebration of cultural diversity and gender inclusivity on Wikipedia. Feminism and Folklore 2024
All languages Ongoing Online Effort to translate improved and verified women's health content from English into as many other languages as possible. Translation Dashboard
es, pt March 1-31 In person and online ¡Alto! Mujeres haciendo historia (es) / Atenção, Mulheres fazendo história (pt)


(es) ¡Alto! Mujeres haciendo historia

(pt) Atenção, Mulheres Fazendo História

es February 24 Online edit-a-thon Editatona de la Campaña Solidaridad El Salvador 2024 with Wikimedistas El Salvador Event:Art+Feminism 2024 Programming
es March 1-31 Online Mujeres de la diversidad sexual (Wikiproyecto:LGBT+) Wikiproject talk page
en March 1-31 Online Women in Red Art+Feminism
en March 1-31 Online Women in Red Alphabet Run: Q & R
en March 1-31 Online Women in Red Find Her!
en Jan 1 – Dec 31 Online Women in Red Women in Education
en March and perennially Categorization Help populate Category:Women's firsts User talk:Thinker78
en, fr March 16 to 31rst Online Francophone Women★ Writers Fortnight 2024 Natacha LSP
fr March 8 In person and Online Wikimousso Yasield
many March 1 to 31st Online ISA campaign Access the campaign
zh, ko March 2, 1700 GMT+8 (click for time conversion) Online Wiki Editing with Jessie, Art+Feminism ambassador Event:Art+Feminism 2024 Programming
es March 8, 12 pm GMT-3 (click for time conversion) Online Talk by Ileana Temi, Fundación Patagónicas en TEC. Organized by CIBELAE with the support of IJAN. #8M: Hablemos de nuestra relación con las tecnologías para un futuro con igualdad de oportunidades
en March 8, 1 pm ET (click for time conversion) Online Writing about Art (on Wikipedia) with art historian and wikimedian, Michaela Blanc and arts writer, Teri Henderson Event:Art+Feminism 2024 Programming
en March 28, 1 pm ET (click for time conversion) Online Wiki Editing for Movement Workers and Organizers Event:Art+Feminism 2024 Programming
fi March 4 to 10 st Online Women week weekly competition Wikipedia:Viikon kilpailu/Viikon kilpailu 2024-10
ga March 8, 7 pm ET (click for time conversion) Online Eagaratón do Lá Idirnáisiúnta na mBan (Editing Event in Irish) Wikimedia Community Ireland
it March 1 to May 31st Online WikiDonne + various, Editing Event in Italian Wikibooks for Art + Feminism Camelia/Profili di donne lucane
it March 1 to June 30th Online WikiDonne + Biblioteca Italiana delle Donne, project for uploading women's signature in Commons Il segno delle donne/Women's sign
it March 1 to July 31st Online WikiDonne, Editing Event in Italian Wikibooks for Art + Feminism Fumettiste italiane contemporanee/Italian women in comics
it March 18th Online WikiDonne, Interviews and live streaming for Women in comics for Art + Feminism YouTube link (TBD)
it April 1 to 30th Online WikiDonne, Edit-a-thon in Italian Wikipedia for Art + Feminism Art + Feminism 2024
it March 1-31 Online Italian Wikipedia volunteers. A writing month to create Wikipedia articles in Italian about women with 17 or more interlanguage links according to Wikidata. Donne maggiori di diciassette (Women over seventeen)
es March 8th Online Disertación de Ileana Temi, Fundación Patagónicas en TEC. Organiza CIBELAE con el respaldo de IJAN. #8M: Hablemos de nuestra relación con las tecnologías para un futuro con igualdad de oportunidades
es March 8 to 18th Online Wikiesfera Campaign BBC Women 8M 2024
as March 8th to 17th Onine Assamese Wikisource : Pranjyoti Nath and Dibya Dutta

Project Page: Celebrate Women Wikisource Edit-a-thon, 2024

de Nov 30th to March 8th Online Edit-a-thon 100 Women Days
ro February 23 – March 16, 2024 Hybrid Editing campaign Wikimărțișor 2024
en March 10th-24th Hybrid Edit-a-thon WikiGap Challenge 2024
en March 8th Online WikiAfrica Hourː Celebrate WikiWomen!

In celebration of International Women's Day, this special WikiAfrica Hour is a three-part salute to the gender-gap busting work within the Wikimedia movement.

Wiki Africa Hour
fa March 8th online edit-a-thon Activity will take place at Wikipedia in Farsi Mardetanha
en, cz, sk March 21st online/ hybrid edit-a-thon Activity will take place at US Embassy in Prague – US centre and online. This is the main edit-a-thon of Women's month at Wikipedia in Czech republic

Register here.

Lucie Schubert (WMCZ)


as March 8th to 18th Onine Assamese Wikipedia : Nayan Jyoti Nath, Dibya Dutta and Pranamika Adhikary

Project Page: As-Sat Interwiki Edit-a-thon, 2024

th March 8 – April 8 Online edit-a-thon Thai Wikipedia :
Thai Wikiquote :
B20180, Azoma and PhoenixShutter

Project Page: WikiGap 2024

ca March 8 Online edit-a-thon Catalan Wikipedia: Amical Wikimedia

Project Page:ca:Viquiprojecte:Viquidones/40000 dones

pt March 20 / from 10h-22h UTC Online edit-a-thon "Café e Edição" is an editing initiave on Wikipedia in Portuguese co-organized by Wiki Mulheres+, Wiki Editoras Lx, Art+Feminism. This initiave is part of Atenção! Mulheres Fazendo História campaign #MH2024
en, sw, ig, yo, fr, March 26th - May 31st Online Partners spotlights, trainings and Edit-a-thon The African Wiki Women IWD - Inspire Inclusion 2024 Campaign! focus on enriching the representation of African women on Wikimedia projects and build a supportive community for female African Wikimedians by contributing to enhance Wikipedia articles and Wikidata entries on women's issues, aligning with the UN's theme "Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress." Event:Africa Wiki Women - International Women Day 2024


국가 Language(s) 도시 위치 When Type of event Notes Contact / URL
African Union States English & French Online Regional 22nd March – April 23rd, 2024 Event:EmpowerHer Editathon 2024 The Charter Project in collaboration with Code for Africa Wikimedia in Residence Community is hosting a month edithathon with a virtual launch to improve Wikipedia articles and Wikidata items on women in democracy, elections and governance within AU states. Bukky658 (talk) 15:40, 13 February 2024 (UTC)[reply]
Art+Feminism English In-Person Ghana March Wikimedia Commons CoachAni (talk) 22:55, 16 February 2024 (UTC)[reply]
Morocco Darija, Tamazight, Arabic Fez
  • Mohamed El Qasimi Gallery In Fez
March 8th – 20th
  • An art exhibition showcasing the works of talented women artists.
Unveiling "Women Creators": An Exhibition of Arabic Calligraphy & Ornamentation

Opening: Friday, March 8th, 6:00 PM (runs until March 20th)

Venue: Mohamed El Qasimi Gallery

Celebrate the talents of women in art, featuring renowned figures like Professor Nadia Barchid and craftswoman Nadia Sakli.

Organized by: Regional Directorate of Culture & the Kamalioun Association for Plastic Arts.

TechMim (talk) 21:02, 3 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]

Last Editing: 09:33PM, March 7 2024 (UTC)

Bénin French, fonWikipedia In-person Porto Novo Porto Novo March 9th

Nous palerons de la Contribution sur la représentation des femmes et genre en Afrique à travers Wikipédia et de comment combler ce fossé

Contact Adoscam (talk) 13:46, 3 March 2024 (UTC) and Aimeabibis (talk) 10:07, 4 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]
Nigeria English, Yoruba, Hausa Igbo and Tyap In-person ( Lagos)+ Remote ( 36 states in Nigeria) Lagos March 8th-31st WikiGap Event,

It focuses on three main program; Symposium, Capacity development and Contest

The Swedish Embassy in Nigeria partly supports the event and partners with the National Association of Women Journalists ( NAWOJ).
  1. Symposium ( March 8th, 2024
  2. Capaicty Development ( March 12th and 13th, 2024)
  3. Contest ( March14th-31st , 2024)
Contact Olaniyan Olushola (talk) 23:07, 17 February 2024 (UTC)[reply]
Nigeria English In-person Abuja March 21st completed see slide & session recording This presentation on behalf of Africa Wiki Women at the Day 2 of the WIFFEN festival hosted by Girl Voice Initiatives will draw inspiration from the theme of the festival: "Women, Culture, and Film". The in-person presentation aims to bridge the gap between Wiki and Film (Let's Connect Wiki to Film) by sharing my research findings on the existing content and data gaps within Wikimedia projects for female filmmakers. The goal is to ignite interest and advocacy for female filmmakers, fostering a shift in narrative representation.
Tanzania Swahili Remote Remote 01 March – 31 March She Said Create content in the Swahili Wikiquote about Women. Magotech (Open Space Tanzania) (talk) 19:43, 3 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]
DRC Lingála, kikôngo Kinshasa Silikin Village 25 May – 24 June WikiGap, Art+Feminism La question sur le genre est une préoccupation générale, pas seulement en RDC mais aussi au niveau mondial, constatant qu’il n’y a pas d’équilibre entre les hommes et les femmes, également sur Internet et notamment sur Wikipédia. Et justement WikiNkento en tant que groupe de travail soutenu par WikiLinguila, est dédié pour contribuer à briser cette fracture homme-femme. Nicaciel (talk) 11:57, 7 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]
Côte d'Ivoire french Bingerville Résidence Bamboo 8 mars Wikimousso ( Wikimédia Côte d'Ivoire La Matinée contributive est une session de contribution organisée dans le but d'améliorer tous les articles des femmes épinglés par l'outils GAWA, ayant des statut particuliers : menace de suppression, pauvreté en sources, articles orphélins etc. Yasield (talk) 11:45, 9 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]
Guinée Conakry french Conakry Université Nongo Conakry 23 mars la quinzaine des autrices francophone ( Wikimédia Guinée Conakry Les sans pagEs Guinée Conakry organisent une journée contributive sur la campagne quinzaine des autrices francophone dans le but d'améliorer ou créer des articles de femmes autrices sur Wikipedia et projet frère (Wikidata, wikimedia Commons etc. M keita1321 ( M keita1321 talk) 09:00, 23 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]
Tchad french, Arabic N'Djamena Wenaklabs, Beitna 23 mars, 30 mars Wiki Gap La journée contributive a pour but de mettre en lumière les femmes tchadiennes notables dans différents secteurs d'activités. Abdallahbigboy (talk) 12:52, 20 March 2024 (UTC
Ghana English Hybrid Ghana March 8th to April 30th 2024 Photo walk and edit-a-thon Bridge gender gap by including indigenous African women on Wikipedia


Country Language(s) City Location When Type of event Notes Contact / URL
India Assamese Online Online 08/03/2024 wikisource edit-a-thon in Assamese wikisource Project initiated by the Assamese Wikimedia Community, to celebrate the International Women's Day Pranjyoti Nath and Dibya Dutta

Project Page: Celebrate Women Wikisource Edit-a-thon, 2024

Philippines Central Bikol, Tagalog Pasacao, Camarines Sur Pasacao, Camarines Sur 16/03/2024 Edit-a-thon Wiki Advocates Philippines User Group Kunokuno

Project Page: Arte+Feminismo

Indonesia Indonesian and local languages Online and in-person in Denpasar Denpasar, Bali 8-31 March Edit-a-thon, talkshow, and meetups Wikimedia Indonesia Dian / WikiProject Women's Health in Women's Wiki Month
Philippines Central Bikol, Tagalog In-person and online in Naga City Naga City, Camarines Sur March 1-31, 2024 Edit-a-thon and meet-up PhilWiki Community Daragang Nagueña

Project Page: PhilWiki Community/WikiGap Campaign Philippines 2024/WikiGap Challenge Philippines

Uzbekistan Uzbek Tashkent Tashkent March 8, 2024 Edit-a-thon and meet-up Wikipedia Uzbekistan
Turkey tr Istanbul March 9th Face to face We'll meet at The Women's Library to edit WP articles about women and their work. Anyone can join. The program starts with online training for WP editing for beginners. Register

Art&Feminisim Istanbul

India Assamese Online Online March 8th to 18th Edit-a-thon Assamese Wikipedia :

Project Page: As-Sat Interwiki Edit-a-thon, 2024

Nayan Jyoti Nath and Dibya Dutta
Malaysia Malay, Mandarin, Tamil, Kadazandusun, English Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Tuaran, Sandakan, online Multiple locations simultaneously and online 11 March Edit-a-thon, Workshop, Meetup Collaboration between Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia with the Embassy of Sweden in Malaysia to create, translate, and improve articles on notable women. Event page
Japan Japanese In-person at Yokohama and Online Kanagawa Prefectural Library and Online March 3-8, 2024 WikiGap edit-a-thon The in-person event focused on Japanese socialist feminist en:Yamakawa Kikue and the online event on WikiGap. WikiGap Kanagawa Executive Committee Event page


Country Language(s) City Location When Type of event Notes Contact / URL
Belgium Dutch, French, English Antwerpen, Brugge, Gent, Leuven Antwerpen, Brugge, Gent, Leuven 8 March Edit-a-thon 4 concurrent locations; online participation is also possible, supported by the Events & Campaign dashboard. Project page
France French Limoges, Toulouse, Paris, Lyon diverse locations editathon Natacha LSP


Switzerland French Geneva, Lausanne Natacha LSP
Switzerland German Schaffhausen, SH Community Space SH 8 March Writing atelier Kleine Schreibwerkstatt zu Frauenbiografien (Small writing workshop on women's biographies) Lantus
Ireland Gaeilge and English Waterford Waterford Library 8th March Wiki Women Erasmus+ Information Session and Podcast Cailínréalta

Moldova (Republic of) Romanian Chișinău B.P. Hașdeau Municipal Library in Chișinău 14th March Wikipedia activity Wikimărțișor – improving Wikipedia pages of Women from Romania and Moldova
The Netherlands Dutch Utrecht WMNL office 9th March WikiZaterdag Meer informatie
Romania Romanian Brașov Brașov County Library 7th March Wikipedia activity Wikimărțișor – improving Wikipedia pages of Women from Romania and Moldova
Romania Romanian Bucharest Seneca Anticafe 10th March Wikipedia activity Wikimărțișor – improving Wikipedia pages of Women from Romania and Moldova
Spain Spanish Madrid La Fabulosa Bookshop 4th March Wikipedia activity "Abortion in Spain in Wikipedia" -

Spain Spanish Madrid EI Berta Cáceres, Orcasitas 5th March Workshop about gender-sensitive editing in Wikipedia Wikiesfera and Culturia
Spain Spanish Madrid IFEMA 9th March Talk at AULA (International Students Exhibition) Wikiesfera and Institute of Women (Spain) More info
Spain Spanish Sevilla University of Seville 14th March Editatona STEM Women Wikiesfera and AMIT Sign up here
Albania and Kosovo Albanian Tirana


Embassy of Sweden March 6th and 7th Editing Day WikiGap More info
Portugal Portuguese Lisbon PENHA SCO March 7th, 19:00 UTC Commons workshop and collective 8M march posters making Wiki Editoras LX More info
France French, English Paris Ecole Normale Supérieure 23th March Wikithon Translating from English to French and improving pages of women of color
Portugal Portuguese Lisbon Alameda March 8th, 17:45 UTC Collective photo register of the 8M march and commons upload Wiki Editoras LX More info
Spain Spanish Guadix Salón de Comisiones del Ayuntamiento de Guadix 6th March Edit-a-thon Wikimedia España More info
Spain Spanish La Zubia Biblioteca municipal 7th March Edit-a-thon Wikimedia España More info
Spain Spanish Madrid Biblioteca del Museo Reina Sofía 16th March Edit-a-thon Wikimedia España More info
Spain Spanish, Basque March 01 – May 05 WikiEmakumeok + Maitane Azurmendi Portraits of women from Duranguesado
Spain Spanish, Basque March 04, 06, 09, 14, 21 WikiEmakumeok Documental about the genealogy of WikiEmakumeok
Spain Spanish, Basque, English, Extremaduran Cáceres Biblioteca del Museo Helga de Alvear March 08th, 17:30 Edit-a-thon Wikimedia España + WikiEmakumeok + OSCEC Por + artistas contemporáneas en Wikipedia desde el Museo Helga de Alvear
Czech Republic Czech, Slovak Prague Czech Academy of Sciences March 05th, 14:00 Edit-a-thon "Women in Science" WMCZ + Czech Academy of Sciences – Physical department Lucie Schubert (WMCZ)


Czech Republic Czech, Slovak Prague American Centre in Prague – US Embassy March 21st, 15:00 Edit-a-thon (hybrid) WMCZ + US Embassy in Prague

This is the main edit-a-thon of Women's month at Wikipedia in Czech republic Register here.

Lucie Schubert (WMCZ)


United Kingdom English Leeds Leeds City Museum March 16th, 11:45 Workshop Making trans histories public with Wikipedia (book here) User:Lajmmoore

라틴 아메리카

Country Language(s) City Location When Type of event Notes Contact / URL
Uruguay Spanish Online March 1-31 Desafío de edición Desafío Uruguay: derechos de las mujeres
Uruguay Spanish Montevideo Casa de las Ciudadanas March 5, 12 and 19 Club de edición Event:Derechos de las mujeres en Uruguay
Colombia Spanish Bogotá 8th March Photo Walk Sara Idarraga (WMCO)
México Spanish Zapopan Museo de Are Zapopan March 4 Editatona Sign up here
México Spanish Ciudad de México Presencial: Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo y Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Azcapotzalco


March 9 Editatona More info
México Spanish La Paz Secretaría de Bienestar March 15 Editatona More info
México Spanish San Luis Potosi Museo Laberinto de las Ciencias y las Artes March 23 Editatona More info
Argentina Spanish La Plata Biblioteca Pública de la Universdad Nacional de La Plata March 11 Editatona Mujeres y disidencias en la Universidad: Visibilizando sus trayectorias en Wikipedia
Bolivia Spanish Santa Cruz Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz de la Sierra March 8th Editatona Contacto:

Facultad de Derecho / Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz de la Sierra +591 3464000 Atención: Estefani Cabrera (Docente)


Country Language(s) City Location When Type of event Notes Contact / URL
The Levant Arabic Online Online 8 March Editathon Category: "Women of Gaza" Mervat
The Levant (Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine) Arabic Online Online 08/03/2024 Editing competition and podcast this project will be done by Wikimedians of the Levant User Group Rotana Nawwaf Al Hasanat :
Palestine Arabic Ramallah Ramallah, birzeit university 09/03/2024 Edit-a-thon this activity will be done by Wiki Palestine: Wiki Palestine/International Women's Day batoul84
Egypt Arabic Online Online 8-10 March Editathon Category:"Egyptian Women Academics"
Egyptian Women Academics
United Arab Emirates Arabic Physical intercontinental Dubai, Emirates LitFest 2024 31 Jan – 7 Feb Edit-a-thon This edit-a-thon was organized by the Wikimedians of UAE User Group. Participated in Emirates Airline Festival of Literature. Upload photos of women authors and figures on Wikimedia Commons and creating Wikiquote pages for women authors. Serine


United Arab Emirates Arabic | English Sharjah University of Sharjah, Sharjah 17 April 2024 Edit-a-thon | Competition This event will be organized by the Wikimedians of UAE User Group and it will focus on creating Wikiquote pages on women. Serine



Country Language(s) City Location When Type of event Notes Contact / URL


Country Language(s) City Location When Type of event Notes Contact / URL
Australia English Canberra National Gallery of Australia 16 March 2024 Editathon A partnership between Wikimedia Australia and the National Gallery of Australia as part of the Know My Name initiative to increase representation of women and gender diverse artists. BindiS

Australia English Melbourne Women's Art Register, Richmond Library 9 March 2024 Editathon A regular editathon for International Women's Day using the Women's Art Register works and hard copy archive to edit Wikipedia and amplify the voices of Australian women artists and designers. Pru.mitchell

Australia English Mornington Peninsula (Victoria) Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery 10 February 2024 Editathon A partnership between Wikimedia Australia, The National Gallery of Australia and Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery for Know My Name – Making women count. The Know My Name touring exhibition is at the Mornington Peninsula from 25 Nov 2023 – 18 Feb 2024. Aliceinthealice