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Thanks for telling me of the W4SAfrica Wiki Women in Red Workshop edit

I have some questions about its scope, which I don't fully understand:

  1. Is it for contributions about women in Africa, or women anywhere in the world?
  2. Is the intention to particularly encourage editors in Africa (or even Ghana more particularly)?
  3. Is the intention to encourage editing wikipedia articles in particular (as some of the language about 'articles' suggests) or wikidata items (as many of the dashboard links are to wikidata items)?

Sorry if these are obvious questions. I'm a fairly experienced wikipedia and wikidata editor, but haven't tried to navigate these courses and their associated dashboards before. I'm confused by some of the resources provided.

  • Event:W4SAfrica_Wiki_Women_in_Red_Workshop#What_to_contribute doesn't make the geographical scope very clear
  • The list of articles at [1] seems to contain men, which is confusing.
  • Women_For_Sustainability_Africa_Wikimedia_Activities/Article_list has 3 tables. Are they for different purposes? It would be good to specify that if true.
    • The first has links to create wikidata items, but the first row would create an item for Nolitha Fakude where two duplicate Wikidata items already exist for her.
    • The second has some links to Wikipedia articles.
    • The third table has no links but some of the people mentioned (e.g. Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka) are in both wikidata and en:wikipedia.

Final question: since there seem to be fairly dispersed resources for this event, is there one place (e.g. a talk page) where different contributors can talk and encourage one another? Dsp13 (talk) 20:55, 14 December 2023 (UTC)Reply