This page is a translated version of the page VisualEditor/Newsletter/2015/August and the translation is 40% complete.

Since the last newsletter, the Editing Team have been working on mobile phone support. They have fixed many bugs and improved language support. They post weekly status reports on Their workboard is available in Phabricator. Their current priorities are improving language support and functionality on mobile devices.


Hadd_Er jewoß?

You can add quotations marks before and after a title or phrase with a single click.

Select the relevant text. Find the correct quotations marks in the special character inserter tool (marked as Ω in the toolbar).

Screenshot showing the special character tool, selected text, and the special character that will be inserted

Click the button. VisualEditor will add the quotation marks on either side of the text you selected.

Screenshot showing the special character tool and the same text after the special character has been inserted

You can read and help translate the user guide, which has more information about how to use VisualEditor.

Wikkimähnija Kumferänz

The team attended Wikimania 2015 in Mexico City. There they participated in the Hackathon and met with individuals and groups of users. They also made several presentations about VisualEditor and the future of editing.

Following Wikimania, we announced winners for the VisualEditor 2015 Translathon. Our thanks and congratulations to users Halan-tul, Renessaince, जनक राज भट्ट (Janak Bhatta), Vahe Gharakhanyan, Warrakkk, and Eduardogobi.

For interface messages (translated at, we saw the initiative affecting 42 languages. The average progress in translations across all languages was 56.5% before the translathon, and 78.2% after (+21.7%).

In particular, Sakha improved from 12.2% to 94.2%; Brazilian Portuguese went from 50.6% to 100%; Taraškievica went from 44.9% to 85.3%; Doteli went from 1.3% to 41.2%. Also, while 1.7% of the messages were outdated across all languages before the translathon, the percentage dropped to 0.8% afterwards (-0.9%).

For documentation messages (on, we saw the initiative affecting 24 languages. The average progress in translations across all languages was 26.6% before translathon, and 46.9% after (+20.3%).  There were particularly notable achievements for three languages.

 Armenian improved from 1% to 99%; Swedish, from 21% to 99%, and Brazilian Portuguese, from 34% to 83%. Outdated translations across all languages were reduced from 8.4% before translathon to 4.8% afterwards (-3.6%).

We published some graphs showing the effect of the event on the Translathon page. We thank the translators for participating and the staff for facilitating this initiative.

Köözlesch verbäßert

Auto-fill features for citations can be enabled on each Wikipedia. The tool uses the citoid service to convert a URL or DOI into a pre-filled, pre-formatted bibliographic citation.

You can see an animated GIF of the quick, simple process at So far, about a dozen Wikipedias have enabled the auto-citation tool. To enable it for your wiki, follow the instructions at

Your wiki can customize the first section of the special character inserter in VisualEditor. Please follow the instructions at to put the characters you want at the top.

In other changes, if you need to fill in a CAPTCHA and get it wrong, then you can click to get a new one to complete. VisualEditor can now display and edit Vega-based graphs. If you use the Monobook skin, VisualEditor's appearance is now more consistent with other software.

Könftejje Änderonge

Mer welle et Ußsinn vun ußjewählte Lengks em VisualEditor verändere. Beim Beärbeijde sull mer eijsch sinn künne, ov mer sesch ennerhalf udder ußerhallef vun däm Lengk bewääsch. Wam_mer ene Lengk ußwählt, weed öm däm Lengk singe Angker — dadd es, wat om Scherrem süht — en ene kleijne, dönne Kaßte römjemohlt. If you place your cursor inside the box, then your changes to the link label will be part of the link. If you place your cursor outside the box, then it will not. This will make it easy to know when new characters will be added to the link and when they will not.

On the English Wikipedia, 10% of newly created accounts are now offered both the visual and the wikitext editors. A recent controlled trial showed no significant difference in survival or productivity for new users in the short term. New users with access to VisualEditor were very slightly less likely to produce results that needed reverting.

You can learn more about this by watching a video of the July 2015 Wikimedia Research Showcase. The proportion of new accounts with access to both editing environments will be gradually increased over time. Eventually all new users have the choice between the two editing environments.

Lom_mer zesamme werrke

  • Dohd Ühr Idehje un Frohre op di Sigg [:mw:VisualEditor/Feedback mw:VisualEditor/Feedback] schrihve. Di Sigg nöz jäz Flow un nit mih LiquidThreads
  • Kanns de Korrejahnesch udder Japahnesch lässe udder tippe? Dä Schprohche_Täschneker David Chan bruch Hölp vun Lück, di sesch ußkänne, wat för Wärkzüsch mer bruch, wam_mer en e paa bechtemmpte Schprohche tippe deiht. Wann De Japahnesch schpwahds udder Korrejahnesch, kans De em hällfe, de Ongerschtözong för di Schprohche te pröhve. Dann bes esu jood un belohr Der op di Aanleijdong, ov De verhaftesch hällfe kanns.
  • Wann en enem Wikki jewönsch es, der VisualEditor en einem anndere Appachtemang frei ze schalde, kam_mer dä Wonsch em Phabricator loßß wähde. Dohd ene Lengk op Ühr Klaafsigg medd enne zopaß Beschloss udder use jädd en dä Aad aajävve.
  • Wann en enem Wikki jewönsch es, Knöbb en der eije Schprohch för „Bold“ un „Italic“ för et Menüh met de Aanpaßonge för Zeijsche ze han, foht dröm em Phabricator.
  • The design research team wants to see how real editors work. Please sign up for their research program.
  • De wöschentlesche Träffe för övver et Internet Aufjabe ze bequahke un ze verdeijle sin noh wi führ för jehde Freiwelleje offe. Jewöhnlesch sin se aam Dennsdaach öm zwöllev Uhr Meddaachs noh de Pazziffesche Sommerzigg. Dat es öm sibbe Uhr ohvends noh de UTC. Op dä Sigg övver de mw:VisualEditor/Weekly wöschentlesche Träfe kam_mer dat nohlässe, un och, wi mer derbei küdd un wi mer Aufjahbe vörschleit.

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