The Wikipædia Librie

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The Wikipædia Librie

The Wikipædia Librie heelps eediters tae access reliable soorces (fer) tae impruiv Wikipædia.

The Wikimedia Foundation team responsible for running the library has formed partnerships with dozens of publishers of paywalled materials, and makes those resources accessible to Wikimedia contributors who meet the eligibility criteria.

Whit we dae

Journal access
We arrange donations o free journal access that eediters can sign up fer.
Soorce shairin
We creaute resoorce shairing pages whaur eediters can speir fer ae soorce fae ither eediters.

Hou ye can heelp

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Become ae coordinater
We wirk aes ae cooperateeve team in auries o librie, accoont, pairtner, reeference, metrics, uneeversitie, an techneecal management. Sign up tae help.

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Ma librie
Wis dukedom muckle enooch.