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Library Coordination:
Join a team of research experts, library helpers, and project organizers

The Wikipedia Library is a global project funded by the Wikimedia Foundation.

To organize local Wikipedia Library branches, we recruit and train at least two local volunteer coordinators for each community.

To coordinate other aspects of the project, we work with people from the library, tech, and community backgrounds. If you want to help, please signup here!

How the library is coordinated: many hands and many roles


Global coordinators


Global coordinators act as liaisons between Wikipedia language communities and The Wikipedia Library (TWL), helping to bring TWL resources and opportunities to their community. They can work across a wide range of mediums, including onwiki, in-person, and through social media, leading the way in providing knowledge to their communities.

Global coordinators can work on a variety of tasks they feel comfortable doing to help their community access knowledge. Specifically, they can...

  • Establish and maintain local Wikipedia Library pages and resources in their language community to help editors find and access research, such as open access sources.
  • Assist in translating the Library Card platform, Books & Bytes (the TWL bi-monthly newsletter) and other TWL pages.
  • Pitch publishers to be partners in our access donation program, making paywalled resources available to their community based on community interests, with assistance and training from the TWL team.
  • Receive and approve applications and manage distribution of access on the Library Card platform.
  • Organize and participate in events such as 1Lib1Ref, OAWiki, etc.
  • Work with local libraries and communities, attend library-related events in their region, and work with their region’s affiliate to train librarians to edit.

Account coordinators


A role which overlaps with global coordinators - account coordinators help manage a specific donation by screening applicants, distributing accounts, and troubleshooting any issues. This work is currently done on the Library Card platform.

Account coordinators sign up on their language Wikipedia - for example, the English Wikipedia's account coordinator signup page is at Wikipedia:The Wikipedia Library/Coordinators/Signup.

Current coordinators


TWL works because of the amazing volunteer resources in our community. You can help with managing and expanding this project:



Want to join the coordination team?


If you are interested in becoming a coordinator for The Wikipedia Library, please fill out the questions on the signup page so we can get a better idea of your background and what you'd like to help with.

Because coordinators have access to private information like real names, email addresses, journal access codes, and book purchasing accounts... coordinators identify to the Wikimedia Foundation and sign agreements to keep private information confidential and to responsibly use their access. Those agreements are shared confidentially with the Wikimedia Foundation and The Wikipedia Library.