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  • New stewards are elected roughly once per year. Stewards perform technical tasks on all Wikimedia wikis based on community consensus and on the Stewards policy: changing user access, viewing user information in cases of abuse, and so on (see details).
  • For more information on voting, translating, or being a candidate, [[Special:MyLanguage/Stewards/Elections {{{year}}}/Guidelines|read the guidelines]]. You can automatically check your [{{{voter-check-tool}}} eligibility to vote].
  • Candidate submissions are open from 09 Iúil 2024, 16:03 (UTC) until 09 Iúil 2024, 16:03 (UTC). [[Stewards/Elections {{{year}}}/Questions|Questions to the candidates]] can be submitted until the election concludes.
  • The voting begins on 09 Iúil 2024, 16:03 (UTC) and ends on 09 Iúil 2024, 16:03 (UTC). Candidates must meet the [[Special:MyLanguage/Stewards/Elections {{{year}}}/Guidelines|criteria]] and obtain at least 30 votes in favor with an 80% support ratio. You can track the results with [[Special:MyLanguage/Stewards/Elections {{{year}}}/Statistics|collected statistics]].
  • The [[Stewards/Confirm/{{{year}}}|confirmation process]] of the current stewards is being held in parallel.


  • [[:Special:MyLanguage/Stewards/Elections {{{year}}}/Statements|Ráiteas uile na iarrthóirí]][[:Stewards/Elections {{{year}}}/Statements| ]] (gan vótaí)




Lucht neodrach



Daingniú maor reatha

Coiste an Thoghchán

Eagraíonn maoir na togchán iad féin. Shocraigh an Bord iontaobhaithe i 2009 gur staonfiadh siad ón dhearbhú na thoradh toghcháin nua. Mar sin, cruthaímid maoir coiste thoghchán le hagaidh gach toghchán le linn foireann dheonach le haghaidh na tascanna eile:

  • Ag dúnadh na toghchán maor;
  • Ag deimhniú an toradh na toghchán, i ndiadh deimhníodh na vótaí sa hiarrthóireacht uile le haghaidh cáilitheacht;
  • Ag ceapadh an deimhniú na hiarrthóirí atá tofa;
  • Ag dúnadh na deimhniú an maoir;
  • Tar éis na deimhniú an maoir, ag cur comhaontú de chuid an pobal agus maoir, agus lena chois sin ag socrú cé acu atáid deimhniú nó nach raibh.


You can contact the Election Committee by emailing stewards-elections(_AT_)lists.wikimedia.org.

An eagrúchán na toghchán maoir 2016, feic an [[Stewards/Elections {{{year}}}/Coordination|leathanach comhordaithe]], le do thoil.
Má teastaíonn aon chabhair uait, tá fáilte romhat fiafraí i #wikimedia-stewards-electionsconnect nó ar an [[Talk:Stewards/Elections {{{year}}}|leathanach plé]].

Feic chomh maith

  • [[:Special:MyLanguage/Stewards/Elections {{{year}}}/Statistics|Stewards/Elections {{{year}}}/Statistics]][[:Stewards/Elections {{{year}}}/Statistics| ]]
  • [[:Category:Steward elections {{{year}}} statements|Category of all valid candidacies]]
  • [[:Category:Steward elections {{{year}}} statements/disqualified|Category of all invalid candidacies]]
  • [[:Special:MyLanguage/Stewards/Confirm/{{{year}}}|Stewards/Confirm/{{{year}}}]][[:Stewards/Confirm/{{{year}}}| ]]
Template documentation

This template provides the text for the yearly steward elections "main page", e.g. SE17.


  • year = e.g. 2017
  • CandidStart = Day and time when nominations are opened
  • CandidEnd = Day and time when nominations are closed
  • VotingStart = obvious
  • VotingEnd = obvious
  • candidates = Candidates, one line
    {{Se candidate indexer|2017|Example}}
    per candidate
  • withdrawn = Withdrawn candidates, one line
    {{Se candidate indexer|2017|Example|withdrawn}}
    per candidate
  • disqualified = Disq. candidates, one line
    {{Se candidate indexer|2017|Example|disq}}
    per candidate
  • ElectCom = The members of the election committee, one line
    * {{user|Example}}
    per member
  • Elected = The elected stewards, one line
    per user
  • voter-check-tool = link to the tool which checks voters' eligiblity, e.g. toolforge:meta/accounteligibility/38