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This page guides users interested in voting or being a candidate in the steward elections. Please read each relevant section below.

رائے دیندہ


رائے دینے سے قبل آپ:

  • کواس میٹا پر رسد حاصل یے (اس وکی پر)
  • کم از کم ایک وکیپیڈیا منصوبہ پر موجود ہیں:
    • 01 November 2008; سے قبل کم از کم 600 ترامیم کی ہوں
    • 01 August 2008 اور 31 January 2009 کے دوران کم از کم 50 ترامیم کی ہوں;
    • بوٹ نہ ہوں.

آپ اپنی اپلیت یہاں سے جانچیں.



ان صفحات کا ترجمہ اپنی زبان میں کرنے میں ہماری مدد کیجئے:

  • تعارف (صفحے کے بالائی حصے پر);
  • ہدایات (قطعہ);
  • اُمیدواران کے بیانات:ترجمہ کے لئے سرخیوں کے نیچے دئیے ہوئے ورائی ربط پر ٹک کیجئے;
  • مرکزی اعلان:دیکھیں مترجم صفحہ.





کی درخواست کرنے سے پہلے یہ یقین کر لیں کہ آپ stewardship:

  • کو تسلیم کرنے پر متفق ہیں Steward policies;
  • پر ایک چلتا کھاتہ رکھتے ہیں Meta wikiاس  ;
  • منصوبے پر کھاتہ رکھتے ہیں جہاں آپ کم از کم تین مہینے سے کام کر تے رہے ہیں Wikimedia Foundation کم از کم ایک

Also, because the work stewards can become involved in can lead to legal consequences and involvement, you must be:

  • at least 18 years old before the final day of voting;
  • willing to provide your full name and proof of identity to the Wikimedia Foundation.

Stewards are preferably multilingual, because steward-based operations often involve projects of varying language. They should also be available on a reasonably common basis. Among other limitations, stewards are discouraged from using their access on projects that they are active on, to avoid conflicts of interest, and are encouraged to watch and lend assistance at the Meta request pages (such as permissions, bot status, and checkuser information). If you use IRC, please join #wikimedia-stewardsجڑیں on freenode to answer requests.

Inactive stewards will have their access removed.



If you want to be a steward, follow these steps.

Create your statement page

  1. Create a subpage at a page named "Stewards/elections 2009/statements/Your_username_here".
  2. Save it with the following text, which will place your initial nomination:
    {{subst:sr-new statement 2009}}
  3. Edit the page with the following information:
    • Your real name (optional);
    • a link to your user account on Meta, and a link to a second active account that meets the prerequisites.
    • a list of languages you can read and write, using the language-independent Wikimedia shorthand (see w:Wikipedia:Babel).
    • a short summary of your participation in the Wikimedia Foundation. Of particular interest are administrator or bureaucrat status, volunteer work such as membership of the email response team or the Wikipedia Arbitration Committee, or any other information you feel is relevant. You can read other applicants' statements for more ideas.

When you are ready, list your subpage on the elections page by adding the following text in alphabetical order: "{{:Stewards/elections 2009/statements/Your_username_here}}". Volunteers will add translations in various languages to it for you.

Provide proof of identity