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Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos 2023

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Screenshot of the homepage of the tool.

Hashtags is a tool for monitoring and searching the usage of hashtags in Wikimedia edit summaries. The tool monitors edits to all Wikimedia projects (except Wikidata) and allows users to search for them. 

This tool has been a major tool for tracking metrics by the Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos Campaign. The #WPWP Campaign uses this tool to track the following metrics;

  1. The list and total number of articles improved with photos, audios and videos
  2. The list of user names and total number of participants from your community
  3. The ranking of users from your communities in descending order of contributions
  4. The list and total number of language Wikipedia improved with photos, audios and videos

About the #WPWP Campaign hashtag

A hashtag (starting with the character #) is added to the edit summary of a page edited during the campaign, so that metrics tracking can occur. There are two categories of hashtags created by the #WPWPCampaign International Organizing Team. They are (1) a general hashtag and (2) the community-specific hashtags.

General hashtag

The general hashtag is #WPWP. It tracks all the contributions of the entire participating communities, when it is added to the edit summary of a page.

Community-specific hashtag

Examples of community-specific hashtag are #WPWPCA (for Wikimedia Canada) and #WPWPTR (for Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey). A community-specific hashtag tracks metrics particular to each participating community. Examples: #WPWPCA will track metrics for the Wikimedia Canada and #WPWPTR will track metrics for Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey. See the list of existing community-specific hashtag. If your community-specific hashtag is not listed, please contact the #WPWPCampaign coordinator, User:T Cells.

How to use the #WPWP Campaign hashtag

The hashtag is not a substitute for "a descriptive edit summary". The hashtag, #WPWP or the community-specific hashtag must be added to the edit summary box of pages edited alongside a descriptive edit summary. (See the screenshot below). Preview your edits before you publish your changes. Then, save your edits.

Do not insert hashtags in the body of articles edited. You must preview your changes before clicking on the "save button".

For organizers: How to query or check your metrics

If you are a local organizer and you want to either monitor the progress of the campaign or generate your final metrics.

Use this: Replace X with your community-specific code. X = CA for Canada, NG for Nigeria, TR for Turkey, RW for Rwanda and so on. For example see metrics for Rwanda:

Screenshot showing how to add the WPWP hashtags to edit summary in source editing

Screenshot showing how to add the WPWP hashtags to edit summary in visual editing

Registered and active hashtags

Please find your community-specific hashtag from the table below:

Hashtag by communities and countries
SN Hasztag(i) Społeczność Państwo Year 2020 metrics Year 2021 metrics
1 #WPWP WPWP International team International 82,783 264,810
2 #WPWPRW Planning Wikimedia User Group Rwanda Rwanda 1,124
3 #WPWPUIL Wikimedia Fan Club, University of Ilorin Nigeria 5,171
4 #WPWPTH Wikimedia Thailand Thailand -
5 #WPWPSQ Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group Albania 131
6 #WPWPCA Wikimedia Canada Canada 1,992
7 #WPWPCM Wikimedians of Cameroon User Group Cameroon 562
8 #WPWPBJ Wikimédiens du Bénin User Group Republic of Bénin User Group 194
9 #WPWPMK GLAM Macedonia Macedonia 2,431
10 #WPWPNG Wikimedia User Group Nigeria Nigeria 18,347
11 #WPWPTR Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey Turkey 10,312
12 #WPWPLV Wikimedians of Latvia User Group Latvia -
13 #WPWPTZ Wikimedia Community User Group Tanzania Tanzania 8,203
14 #WPWPZM WikiProject Zambia Zambia 105
15 #WPWPPT Wikimedia Portugal Portugal -
16 #WPWPBW Wikimedia Community User Group Botswana Botswana -
17 #WPWPML Wikimedians of Mali User Group Mali -
18 #WPWPGN Wikimedians of Guinea User Group Guinea -
19 #WPWPIT Wikimedia Italia Italy -
20 #WPWPDZ Wikimedia Algeria Algeria -
21 #WPWPHI Hindi Wikimedians Indian 518
22 #WPWPSR Wikimedia Serbia Serbia 932
23 #WPWPWLF Wiki Loves Folklore International 397
24 #WPWPBE Wikimedia Belgium Belgium -
25 #WPWPPH Philippine Wikimedia Community User Group Philippine -
26 #WPWPIG Igbo Wikimedians User Group Igbo 749
27 #WLA Wiki In Africa International not tracked with hashtag
28 #WPWPCB Central Bikol Wikipedia Community Philippines -
29 #WPWPTE Telugu Wikipedia Community India -
30 #WPWPMU Wikimedia Community User Group Mauritania Mauritania -
31 #WPWPSU Wikimedia Community User Group Sudan Sudan -
32 #WPWPDC Wikimedians of Democratic Republic of Congo User Group Democratic Republic of Congo -
33 #WPWPUG Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda Uganda -
34 #WPWPARM Wikimedia Armenia Armenia -
35 #WPWPWAM Wikimedians of Western Armenian Language User Group Armenia -
36 #WPWPCH Wikimedia Community User Group Tchad Tchad -
37 #WPWPMIN Wikimedia Padang Community Indonesia -
38 #WPWPUK Wikimedia Ukraine Wikimedia -
39 #WPWPAF Art+Feminism_User_Group International -
40 #WPWPTW Wikimedia Taiwan Taiwan -
41 #WPWPTN Wikimedia Tunisie Tunisia -
42 #WWH Wiki World Heritage User Group International -
43 #WPWPMT Wikimedia Community User Group Malta Malta not tracked with hashtag
44 #WPWPHA Hausa Wikimedians User Group Nigeria not tracked with hashtag
45 #WPWPKU Kurdish Wikimedians User Group Kurdistan -
46 #WPWPARK Arusha Wikimedia Community Arusha, Tanzania -
47 #WPWPPE Wikimedistas de Perú Peru -
48 #WPWPBI Wikimedia Community User Group Burundi Burundi -
49 #WPWPTMZ Wikimedians of Tamazight User Group Algeria -
50 #WPWPBN Bangla Wikipedia Bangladesh -
51 #WPWPGOA Wikipedians of Goa User Group India -
52 #WPWPNL Dutch Wikimedia community Netherland -
53 #WPWPWGC Papiamentu Wikipedia & community (en:Dutch Caribbean) Dutch Caribbean -
54 #WPWPBAN Balinese Wikipedia (Wikimedia Denpasar Community) Indonesia -
55 #WPWPEO Esperanto kaj Libera Scio International -
56 #WPWPUAE Wikimedians of United Arab Emirates User Group United Arab Emirates -
57 #WPWPWC Wiki Cemeteries User Group International -
58 #WPWPIM Wikimedia Nigeria Hub Imo State Nigeria -
59 #WPWPUI Wikimedia Nigeria Fan Club, University of Ibadan Nigeria -
60 #WPWPVWW #VisibleWikiWomen International -
61 #WPWPJV Javanese Wikipedia (Wikimedia Yogyakarta Community) Indonesia -
62 #WPWPSUN Sundanese Wikipedia (Wikimedia Bandung Community) Indonesia -
63 #WPWPWD WikiDonne User Group Italy -
64 #WPWPIE Wikimedia Community Ireland Ireland -
65 #WPWPAR Arabic Wikipedia community International -
66 #WPWPEG Egypt Wikimedians User Group Egypt -
67 #WPWPPK Wikimedia Pakistan Pakistan -
68 #WPWPW Wikiesfera Spain -
69 #WPWPHU Hungarian Wikipedia / Wikimedia Hungary Hungary -
70 #WPWPSD Wikimedia Community User Group Sudan Sudan -
71 #WPWPUG Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda Uganda -
72 #WPWPUY Wikimedistas de Uruguay Uruguay -
73 #WPWPLV Wikimedians of the Levant User Group Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon -
74 #WPWPTD Wikimedians of Tchad User Group Tchad Republic -
75 #WPWPBO Wikimedia Community User Group Botswana Botswana -
75 #WPWPFF Wikimedia Fulfulde Community Nigeria -
76 #WPWPAT Wikimedia Österreich Nigeria -