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Welcome to Wikimedia Foundation Funds!
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The Wikimedia Foundation supports individuals and organizations around the world to increase the diversity, reach, quality, and quantity of free knowledge. We promote knowledge equity aligned with the strategic direction of the Wikimedia movement. Our funding programs are focused on decentralized decision-making, regional committees, and reaching underrepresented communities.

Our people-centred approach is built on the principles of equity & empowerment, collaboration & cooperation, and the promotion of innovation and learning. We have three funding programs which support individuals and organizations: the Wikimedia Community Fund, Wikimedia Alliances Fund, and Wikimedia Research and Technology Fund.

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Funding programs

Wikimedia Community Fund
The Community Fund is a unified program with flexible support and funding for Wikimedians working on knowledge equity aligned with the Movement’s Strategic direction.
Wikimedia Alliances Fund
The Alliances Fund, for mission-aligned organizations in underrepresented communities who want to collaborate and amplify our work․
Wikimedia Research & Technology Fund
The Research and Technology Fund for improving technology, tools, and research to nurture a more responsive and accessible environment for contributions.

The Wikimedia Foundation Funds are supported by the Community Resources team. Our team provides consistent regional support and contributes to the establishment of a learning mindset. We understand the worldwide impact of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic and our first priority is to be in solidarity and have flexibility with communities around the world.

Other funding programs

Movement Strategy Implementation Grants
Movement Strategy Implementation Grants support projects that take the current state of a Movement Strategy Initiative and push it one step forward. The projects supported by these grants can be big or small, but all of them must make a case to advance one initiative.
Knowledge Equity Fund
The Wikimedia Foundation Knowledge Equity Fund is a new US$4.5 million fund created by the Wikimedia Foundation in 2020, to provide grants to external organizations that support knowledge equity by addressing the racial inequities preventing access and participation in free knowledge.
Wikimedia Education Grants

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