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The election ended 31 აგვისტო 2021. No more votes will be accepted.
The results were announced on 7 სექტემბრის 2021. Please consider submitting any feedback regarding the 2021 election on the elections' post analysis page.

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2021 Board Elections
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The Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees oversees the Wikimedia Foundation's operations. Community trustees and appointed trustees make up the Board of Trustees. Each trustee serves a three-year term.

The Wikimedia community has the opportunity to vote for community trustees. Four candidates selected by the community will join the Board of Trustees. Wikimedia is a global movement and seeks candidates from the broader community. Ideal candidates align with the Wikimedia mission and are thoughtful, respectful, and community-oriented. The Board would like to find perspectives and voices that are under-represented and essential for our movement.


The Board of Trustees assessed the skills and experiences they have. Candidates complete this skill evaluation on the Candidate Application. This is for informational purposes only. The hope is to have Trustees join the Board to fill in gaps in skills and experiences. The current Board of Trustees shared this information after assessing their skills:

Skill Desired skills Covered skills Covered skills by Trustees whose term ends in 2021
Organizational strategy and management X X
Enterprise-level platform technology and/or product development X
Public policy and the law X
Social data science, big data analysis, and machine learning X
Contribution to the Wikimedia movement X X
Global movement building and community organization X X
Academia/GLAM/education X X
Living or working to share knowledge in a repressive context X
Governing board service X
Finance and financial oversight X
Non-profit fundraising X
Board governance X

Candidate Questions

The community asked questions during the nomination period. The Election Committee selected 11 questions for candidates to answer. Candidates were asked to answer questions by 20 July 2021 so translation of answers might be possible.

კანდიდატთა გადამოწმება

საარჩევნო კომიტეტი ან ვიკიმედიის ფონდის თანამშრომლები გადაამოწმებენ კანდიდატების მოთხოვნებს. ვიკიმედიის ფონდის თანამშრომლები ამოწმებენ იდენტიფიკაციას და ხაზგარეშე კანდიდატის მოთხოვნები. ვიკიზე დაფუძნებული მოთხოვნებისა და იდენტიფიკაციის გადამოწმება ამ გვერდზე. კანდიდატის ხაზგასმული მოთხოვნები შემოწმდება მოგვიანებით.

საზოგადოების წევრებს უფლება აქვთ იხილონ, 2021 წლის შეუსაბამო განაცხადები და გატანილი განაცხადები.