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Candidate details
Video statement
  • Editorial:
    • Wikimedian since: June 2007
    • Active wikis: English Wikipedia, Commons, Wikidata
statement (Not more than 450 words) About me

I became an English Wikipedia editor in 2007; administrator since 2009. In 2014, I founded WikiProject Women Writers. As a strong believer in the power of volunteerism and community organizing, I have been very active in the affiliates’ world. In 2015, I co-founded Women in Red and WikiWomen's User Group. In 2016, I joined the Board of Wikimedia District of Columbia (WMDC); was elected a member of the Affiliations Committee (AffCom); and was honored as co-Wikimedian of the Year, while Women in Red was shortlisted for the ITU/UN Women GEM-TECH award. I was co-grantee for WikiConference North America 2016, and co-founder of its User Group. In 2017, I was elected WMDC vice-president and AffCom secretary. Involved with movement strategy (MS) since 2016, I joined the Community Health Working Group in 2018. In the same year, I was knighted by the Republic of Serbia, my family’s homeland, in part because of my Wikipedia work. Since 2019, I am associated with WikiCred. In 2020, the article I created on Maria Lauder was honored as the 6th million article on English Wikipedia. Also in 2020, I was elected AffCom chair; re-elected this year. I hold a BS degree in Business Management and a Master of Business Administration. My professional career focused on contract management, project management, talent acquisition; retired in 2016. I have served as an adjunct professor (organizational behavior; healthcare administration) also lecturer (talent acquisition). In 2017, I was WMF contractor, Gender Diversity Mapping project, first of its kind. Since 2017, I am a Visiting Scholar at Northeastern University.

About my goals
  1. I advocate for diversity in its many forms/perspectives, including (alphabetically) content, donors, editors, enthusiasts, partners, readers, and so forth.
  2. I’m a veteran editor on EN-WP (+220K edits, 1,300+ DYK articles, created 5,300+ articles). Also, +6K WikiCommons uploads (mostly Public Domain photos). Also, +44K Wikidata edits, (including Wikidata WikiProject Women Writers in Review). I rely on and support tech, AI development, tools and our tech community.
  3. My initial work on the MS Community Health Working Group focused on community interviews and data collection. When we developed Recommendations, my focus centered on skills training, community safety, newcomer experience (editors, Affiliates, WMF staff, BoT, and organizational partners), and leadership development. I continue to champion these areas.
  4. More support for community organizations. I am keen for us to establish the Global Council and Hubs in order to provide more equitable models for governance, advocacy, capacity building, resource allocation. I believe they will also have a positive affect on readership, partnerships, etc.. I support the continued existence of affiliates and champion efforts to help them thrive; same for non-affiliate communities (e.g. Women in Red).
Top 3 Board priorities Hire and onboard a new CEO

Improve Board governance + community relations

Continue to support Movement Strategy

Top 3 Movement Strategy priorities Ensure equity in decision making

Provide for safety and inclusion

Invest in skills and leadership development

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