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  • Editorial:
    • Wikimedian since: 2007
    • Active wikis: ptwiki, Commons
statement (Not more than 450 words) Our movement is going through major changes as we devise new compass points and discuss new governance models. One such change --that was highlighted in the strategy process-- has been the importance of empowering voices from the Global South and marginalized communities in the Global North. This candidacy arises to some extent from this process.

About me:

I want to change the world to make it fairer and more democratic, and more aligned with a radical understanding of social justice. This is the exact vision which led me when I was 14 years old to make my first edits on Wikipedia in Portuguese, in 2007, and that has oriented my engagement with the movement ever since.

I am currently the vice-chair of the Brazilian affiliate Wiki Movimento Brasil and have served as its liaison with the WMF. I am especially active in our diversity and our communications committees and our projects around decolonization, and have been involved at different periods with other affiliates, especially Wiki Project Med, as a former board member. Wikipedia in Portuguese is my home wiki. My volunteer time availability is compatible with expected workload as a Wikimedia trustee.

I live in Brazil and work as a physician in impoverished neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro. I am also a professor at the School of Medicine at the Estácio de Sá University. I am an activist in the movement for access to essential medicines and for universal health coverage.

I am a gay man and an active supporter of LGBTQIA+ rights in my home country.

About my goals:

To fulfill our mission we need to move towards an architecture and a governance system that ensures greater diversity of users and content. We have progressed in envisioning this system; we now need to make sure decision-making processes are empowering, meaningful and equitable for all.

We need more Wikimedians from the Global South and from marginalized communities in the Global North on key movement instances, including the Board of Trustees. Greater diversity will contribute to fostering more engagement from communities and demographics that have been systematically disempowered in our movement; it will also be associated with the emergence of new local and regional leadership that we need as we move towards a more decentralized structure. Greater diversity will also contribute to increasing accountability and devising innovative community consultation designs.

To sum up, my goal as a trustee is to contribute to bring about the vision we have laid out in the Movement Strategy, knowing that the Wikimedia Foundation should lead by example.

Top 3 Board priorities 1. Ensure Equity in Decision-making.

2. Invest in Skills and Leadership Development.

3. Increase the Sustainability of Our Movement.

Top 3 Movement Strategy priorities 1. Ensure empowered participatory governance.

2. Ensure diversity and equity in decision making processes.

3. Defend an internet for and from all, in which we invest in democratizing the access to and production of knowledge, empowering Global South communities and marginalized communities in the Global North.

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