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The Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees oversees the Wikimedia Foundation and its work, as its ultimate corporate authority.


The Board was formed in 2003 with three Trustees, and since 2020 consists of up to 16 Trustees. It appoints officers from the Trustees: a Chair, up to two Vice Chairs, and committee chairs. The Board appoints non-Trustee officers: a Chief Executive Officer, a Treasurer, and Secretary. The work of the Board partly involves resolutions and votes. Other work is delegated to a number of committees covering matters such as Board Governance, Audit, Human Resources, the Product Committee and the Community Affairs Committee.

The final composition of the Board is:

Kontakta styrelsen

There is a Board noticeboard for sharing requests and recommendations. The Board can be contacted directly by posting to the noticeboard. The Wikimedia Foundation itself can be contacted in a number of ways as outlined on their contact page.

Nuvarande medlemmar

Wikimedia Foundations förtroendevaldas frågor och svar-tid på Wikimania 2015
Bild Namn Stol Roll Termin slutar Anteckningar Hemwiki
  Tanya Capuano Utnämnd Audit Committee chair Wikimania 2021 Utnämnd 19 juli 2018
  Shani Evenstein Sigalov (User:Esh77) Nätverk Acting Vice Chair;
Community Affairs Committee chair
Wikimania 2022 Vald i juni 2019 Hebreiskspråkiga Wikipedia
  Dr. Dariusz Jemielniak (User:Pundit) Gemenskap HR Committee chair Utnämnd 10 augusti 2017, terminen avslutades 20 April 2020 Polskspråkiga Wikipedia
  Esra'a Al Shafei Utnämnd Acting Vice Chair;
Product Committee chair
Wikimania 2023 Omvald den 18 september 2020
  Dr. James Heilman (User:Doc James) Gemenskap Special projects committee chair Utnämnd 10 augusti 2017, terminen förlängdes den 20 april 2020 Engelskspråkiga Wikipedia
  Jimmy Wales (User:Jimbo Wales) Grundare emeritus[Notes 1] 31 december 2021 Omvald 7 november 2015 Engelskspråkiga Wikipedia
  Lisa Lewin Utnämnd Board Governance Committee chair Wikimania 2021 Utnämnd 30 januari 2019
  Nataliia Tymkiv (User:NTymkiv (WMF)) Nätverk Vice ordförande Wikimania 2022 Omvald juni 2019 Ukrainskspråkiga Wikipedia
  Raju Narisetti Utnämnd CEO Transition Committee chair Wikimania 2023 Omvald den 18 september 2020

Tidigare medlemmar

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