Wikimedia Foundation

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Work wey we dey do

We dey work with you to help everybody get share for all the knowledge wey dey

The Wikimedia Foundation na no-gain organization that wey get thirteen different free-knowledge project and dey support the communities wey create and arrange wetin dey for them.

Movement resource dem

You be Wikimedia online contributor abi affiliate member wey dey find help from the Foundation? Look some of the resources wey we dey give wey fit help you.

Wetin Wikimedia Foundation dey do

The Foundation dey publish information about our wetin we dey do and our goals throughout the year.

Wikimedia Foundation governance

Na Board of Trustees wey Wikimedia affiliate and project communities and subject matter experts join hand vote for dey look over our work. We dey work to make sure say both the movement and the public fit get governance information.

Wikimedia project dem

We dey control thirteen free knowledge projects wey hundreds of thousands of volunteers around the world create, correct and confirm.

Wikimedia affiliate dem

We dey recognize affiliate organizations – chapters, thematic organizations, and user groups – around the world wey join hand to make the Wikimedia movement' free knowledge mission strong more-more..