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Wikimania has been a community endeavour since its inception in 2005. Year after year, previous organisers of Wikimania and some frequent Wikimaniacs have taken on responsibility to ensure that Wikimania continues and it is a success. However, local organising teams often reinvent the wheel, encountering similar issues every year.

To allow the conference to grow more smoothly, it seems sensible to pool the years of knowledge that we have into a body that oversees the Wikimania process from beginning to end in its yearly cycle. A Wikimania steering committee has been established to oversee the bidding and selection process of host cities/teams and to provide continuity of experience and mentoring to each year's organizing team.

Purpose and process

For details, see Wikimania Committee/Charter.

To ensure that the legacy of knowledge is effectively and efficiently passed on to the organising teams and to ensure a smooth and successful Wikimania.

This includes:

  • Setting Wikimania policy
  • Soliciting and reviewing proposals to host
  • Conference oversight and review
  • Best practice development


  • Membri attuali:
  1. Phoebe Ayers (WM 2006, in rappresentanza WM 2017) Vice-Chair
  2. Butch Bustria (representing WM 2023)
  3. Florence Devouard
  4. Gnangarra (in rappresentanza WM 2021 e 2023)
  5. Andrew Lih (nucleo organizzatore di Wikiconference Nord America, WM 2013)
  6. Eric Luth (in rappresentanza WM 2019)
  7. Iván Martínez (representing WM 2015)
  8. Iolanda Pensa (in rappresentanza WM 2016), Chair
  9. Maciej Nadzikiewicz (representing WM 2024)

Thanks to all previous members of the Wikimania Committee: James Forrester, Carlos Barcenilla, Jeromy-Yu Chan (representing WM 2013), James Hare, Orsolya Virág Gyenes (representing WM 2012), Deror Avi (representing WM 2011), Edward Saperia (representing WM 2014), Manuel Schneider, Romaine, Muhammad Yahia.

Current links

Meeting notes

The Steering Committee meets in general on Thursday at 13.00 UTC - jitsi link.
The Wikimania 2023 Core Organizing Team (COT) meets in general on Thursday at 14.30 UTC.

Next meetings

  • July 6, 2023
  • July 20, 2023
  • August 3, 2023

Previous meetings

  • Jan-March, 2023
  • April 27, 2023 - Meeting with the New York City team
  • June 1, 2023 - Meeting with the East Africa team
  • June 22, 2023 - Wikimania 2025 discussions (options at hand, possible scenarios, and next steps); Wikimania 2024 (high level updates: venues, Core Organizing Team); Wikimania 2023 (updates and discussions: programming, scholarships, communication, travel).

Planning Wikimania 2023

Wikimania 2022

Previous years

Committee minutes