Wikimania Committee/Minutes/2022-06-09

Session overview


Reporting back on how the meeting went with ESEAP. Butch and Gnangarra give a walk through of the meeting, the upcoming timelines and what's next.


  1. ESEAP team meeting discussion share-out
  2. Risk assessment follow up
  3. Timelines



Butch, Gnangarra, Ivan, Lisa, Joël, Andrew, Deror, Phoebe, Florence, Linda



Butch and Gideon are sharing out the outcomes of the ESEAP meeting that took place earlier today.

  • The meeting with the ESEAP group were all behind the idea of let's look at the criteria of the risk assessment and make the best decision based on that
  • The Foundation will support anywhere there are gaps in terms of resourcing, staffing and supporting.
  • The destinations that have been provided have not been met with any resistance
  • The representative of all destinations was able to share their concerns and give additional criteria for assessing, as they have better local knowledge to design a more robust and holistic assessment
  • The aim of the risk assessment on locations and destinations is to provide useful data to the ESEAP group mid July.
  • ESEAP is organizing the ESEAP regional conference in Sydney and want to use the venue to discuss and align on the plans for hosting Wikimania. Members of the Movement Communications Team will be invited to help facilitate event design sessions.

What's next


By Mid-July, the outcomes of the risk assessment, together with the data supporting that will be shared with the ESEAP group. This will aid decision-making, so that the planning for 2023 Wikimania can begin.