Wikimania Batzordea

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Wikimania, 2005ean hasi zenetik, hona erronka bat izan da komunitatearentzat. Ohiko bilakatu diren Wikimaniako batzuk beren gain hartu dute urtez urte ekitaldi arrakastatsuak egiteko ardura. Halere, tokiko antolakuntzek ekarpen handiak egiten dituzte ere eta ekimenaren hobekuntzan funtsezkoak dira.

To allow the conference to grow more smoothly, it seems sensible to pool the years of knowledge that we have into a body that oversees the Wikimania process from beginning to end in its yearly cycle. A permanent Wikimania committee would oversee the bids, handle jury selection for bid review, and provide continuity of experience and mentoring to each year's organizing team.

Purpose and process

''Xehetasunetarako, ikusi Wikimania Batzordea/Charter.

To ensure that the legacy of knowledge is effectively and efficiently passed on to the organising teams and to ensure a smooth and successful Wikimania.

This includes:

  • Setting Wikimania policy
  • Soliciting and reviewing proposals to host
  • Conference oversight and review
  • Best practice development


  • 2020-21 membership:
  1. Phoebe Ayers (WM 2006, representing WM 2017) Vice-Chair
  2. Deror Avi (representing WM 2011)
  3. Edward Saperia (representing WM 2014)
  4. Iván Martínez (representing WM 2015)
  5. Iolanda Pensa (representing WM 2016) Chair
  6. Florence Devouard
  7. Andrew Lih (core organizing team of Wikiconference North America)
  8. Butch Bustria (ESEAP representative)
  9. Eric Luth (WM 2019 representative)
  • WMF staff liaison: Joël Letang (Events Team Manager at the Wikimedia Foundation)

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