The Africa event of Wiki 20 Countdown will be held on Saturday January 23 .

Wiki20 Africa show - 2021-01-23 (1 h 59 min 50 s)

Local times in Africa:

Kicking off a "Wiki Week" after Wikipedia 20, the program will be broadcast on Wikipedia Weekly Network simultaneously across Youtube, Facebook, and other social platforms, and will include both recorded segments and live panelists representing affiliates across African countries.

All African affiliates who would love to participate can submit short pre-recorded videos of 2 minutes or so. They can be in your local language or any language of your choice saying the words Happy Birthday Wikipedia, maybe with captions in English or other languages. This videos would be added to the stream on Youtube so if you can send it in early we would appreciate it. The pre-recorded video must be uploaded to Youtube and the link shared with us so it could be included int the session.

A moderated Panel discussion featuring different affiliates in Africa celebrating Wikipedia and how they have worked over the years.




Please any interested African Affiliate who wants to be on the panel should put their names below.

Interested affiliates

Please share any interested affiliate in Africa and a contact person for your affiliate able to work on this project.

I'll be there


* Let's Make Wikipedia Inclusive! University of Nigeria, Nsukka|Nov. 10 -11, 2021