Wikimedia Community User Group Kenya

The Wikimedia Community User Group Kenya seeks to mobilize and organize a new generation of volunteers in Kenya, who are passionate about Free Knowdge, for meaningful engagement in the Wikimedia Community.

Wikimedia Community User Group Kenya
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Location Kenya
Country code254
Official language(s)Swahili, English
Kenyan Wikimedians during opening ceremony of Afrocine edit-a-thon 2021.

Our focus will be on English (EnWiki) and Swahili Wikipedia (swwiki). The User Group is also quite deliberate on shrinking the Gender Gap on Wikipedia and in the internet at large and will therefore be keen on projects that advance Gender Equality.

Prior to out affiliation in September 2022, We have been involved in edit-a-thons, photowalks, trainning new editors, Movement Strategy Discussions, Wikimania, Wikiindaba and we plan to continue to leverage on these activities to contribute to the growth of Wikimedia projects in Kenya.

Collaboration is also a value we hold dear, that has contributed a great deal to the growth of this group. We've been beneficiaries of mentorship and the goodwill of the Wikimedia Community User Group Tanzania and the Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda and we plan to leverage on collaborating with communities within the East Africa Region and the movement at large to achieve our goals in line with the Movement Strategy 2030.

The User group's primary contacts are User:Cmwaura User:Ms Kabintie

Objectives edit

  1. To grow the Wikimedia Community in Kenya and provide structure as well as community representation in Decision making within the Movement.
  2. To promote Wikimedia projects and free Knowledge in general and to encourage the use of Wikimedia resources in community empowerment.
  3. To synergize and collaborate with other affiliates, regionally and globally in the implementation of the 2030 strategy
  4. To Invest in Capacity Building of members
  5. Organizing of conventions, conferences, meetings, workshops and contests in line with Movement's vision.
  6. Train and recruit newcomers
  7. Shrink the Digital Gender gap

Proposed Activities edit

  1. Organising Thematic Wikimedia Projects that include Edit-a-thons, Worshops and Photowalks in Kenya
  2. Trainning more youth in Kenya on how to contribute to Wikipedia and champion Free Knowledge
  3. Advancing the growth of Swahili Wikipedia
  4. Media Relations for press coverage in our events
  5. Creating Partnerships with like-minded communities and organisations
  6. Collaboration with regional and global communities to achieve the 2030 strategy

History edit

The idea to form the Wikimedia Community User Group Kenya started in September 2019 when five Kenyans, including User:Ms Kabintie, User: FaithMwanyolo and User:TeriWanderi met in Kampala during the East Africa Strategy Summit. We learned from the communities present that there had been a Kenyan Wikimedia Chapter that is nolonger in good standing with the community. We resolved to synergise once back in Kenya and see how we could carve a new identity for ourselves and grow into the movement as a new generation of like-minded individuals.

We have since been able to bring more members onboard, majority of whom have been recruits from the afrcocine edit-a-thon 2020 and 2021 while some have been recommended by our neighbouring wikimedia communities. This include some librarirans that had worked with User:AKibombo in the 1Lib1ref project.

Future Plans edit

Current Members edit

  1. Winnie Kabintie
  2. Faith Mwanyolo
  3. Carol Mwaura
  4. Esther Ng'ang'a
  5. Faith Buyaki
  6. Lenny Kisuu
  7. Hellen Magut
  8. Raymond Chepkwony
  9. Sarah Itenya
  10. Anitah Pezz
  11. --Queen Asali (talk) | Terry Boke
  12. Abdulahi Abdi
  13. Esther Josephine
  14. Noreen Likimani
  15. Cosmas Chumba
  16. Sean Obell
  17. Teri Wanderi
  18. Michael Maua
  19. Rosalind Flynn Hinton--([[User:RosPost) 19:21, 18 February 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

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  2. Samuel Kiongo --Samuel Kiongo (talk) 09:45, 28 January 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  3. Shalom Chepchumba--Chumbabelyon (talk) 12:04, 29 January 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  4. AdamYawe - Adam Yawe
  5. Paul Edonga
  6. Timothy Winston Oduor - XR98
  7. Tracy Weru
  8. Rosalind Hinton--RosPost (talk (talk) 19:21, 18 February 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Activities and Projects edit

Wikipedia Editing Tainnings, Edit-a-thons, Photowalks, Workshops, community meet ups etc.

East Africa Strategy Summit [[1]]

Months of African Cinema [[2]]

Wiki Loves Africa [[3]]

Wiki Loves Folklore[[4]]

1Lib1Ref [[5]]

Movement Strategy [[6]]

Wikimania [[7]]

Wiki Indaba [[8]]

Wiki For Universities

2022 Events edit

  1. EA Regional and Thematic Hub (EARTH) East Afrcian Regional Hubs Research and Planning - Ongoing
  2. WIki Vibrance - January - February 2022
  3. Igniting Swahili Wikipedia and Capacity Building in Kenya/Project - February 2022
  4. Commons:Wiki Loves Africa 2022 in Kenya - Feb 15, 2022 - April 15,2022
  5. Wikimedia Community User Group Kenya/Events & Projects/Wiki for Human Rights 2022 -April 2022
  6. Wikimania 2022/Scholarships/Wikimedia Community User Group Kenya/Report
  7. Months of African Cinema 2022 (October-November)
  8. Wiki Loves Earth 2022 (15 June, 2022 to 31 July,20222)
  9. Art+Feminism Campaign in Kenya 2022 (August -September 2022)
  10. Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom 2022-2023
  11. Wikidata:Wikidata10th Birthday 2022 Celebration Kenya

2023 Events edit

  1. Wikimedia Community User Group Kenya/Project/ African Day Campaign in Kenya 2023
  2. Wikimedia Community User Group Kenya/Project/Art & Feminism 2023

Affiliations Committee/Resolutions/Recognition of Wikimedia Community User Group Kenya