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You can use this template to notify users about usurpation requests.
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Ombi la kunyakua

Hello, Usurpation requested.

A request has been made via SRUC (metawiki) to usurp, or "take over", your username because another user would like to use it to edit.

'ikiwa huna pingamizi na jina lako Libadilishwe liwe jina lingine, ili mtumizi mwingine atumie jina unalotumia, basi ingina hapa na ujibu ukisema hivyo(waweza tueleza ungependelea jina gani, ila tunaweza tukakupa jina tulilochagua) , pia waweza tumia Special:GlobalRenameRequest.

If you do nothing, the request may be filled shortly, and your account will be moved to a generic username. You may request that it be moved to a new username of your choice at any time.

If you object to being renamed, please log in and make an edit to this page clearly stating that you object to usurpation. Any objection on your part will prevent usurpation.

Please note that even if your current username is usurped, you can still edit and your data will not be lost; your preferences, watchlist, and other user settings will be transferred to a new username.

Thank you for your time.