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2016ع وڪي ذريعات پيڙهڪا (وڪيميڊيا فائونڊيشن) مُشاورت حڪمت عمليءَ ۾ ڀليڪار. 2015ع جو سڄو سال پيڙهڪا پنهنجي ڪمن جون ترجيحات طَي ڪر۾ ۾ مصروف رهندي اچي، تہ جيئن ان هلچل جي اهڙن مقصدن جي پٺڀرائي ڪري سگھجي، جيڪي 2010ع - 2015ع جي حڪمت عملي رٿا جو تہ هئا، حاصل ٿي نہ سگھيا. هن مُشاورت جو مقصد جُولاءِ 2016ع ۾ شروع ٿيندڙ ۽ 12 کان 24 مهينا هلندڙ ڪمن جو رُخ متعين ڪرڻ ۾ وڪي‌ذريعات پيڙهڪا جي مدد ڪرڻ آهي.

Strategy approaches report

Based on our vision, strategy consultations in 2010 and 2015, and research on external impacts, we have outlined three broad focus areas for the Foundation: reach, communities and knowledge (further information on what we mean by these to follow). Foundation staff and a few small community groups then gave input into the key obstacles and ideas for each focus area. These were summarized into the strategic approaches to be reviewed by community here. Our task now is to determine, in collaboration with communities, which strategies to prioritize within those three areas to best serve our vision.

This consultation includes three pages, each focusing on a different topic area. On each page, we will be asking you one broad question about how you think the Wikimedia Foundation could best resolve a specific major challenge in that focus area. Below that, we will list six potential directions we might take to the focus area. Given limited time and resources, we can't do them all; we have to choose among them. We ask you to help prioritize our approaches by choosing two or three that you think are the most important for us to focus on. You may also, alternatively or additionally, add your own approach. All information collected will be used to help inform the final priorities in our Annual Plan. Please note that the Foundation will also be using the following criteria in its prioritization process: resources needed, the Foundation's ability to have impact, and best fit for work by the Foundation (vs. work that is done by volunteers or affiliates).

Please observe the Friendly Space Expectations when sharing your thoughts or discussing those of others.

Information from this consultation will help inform our strategy going forward.

align=right Thank you for contributing your thoughts to this consultation!

وقت جي پٽي

هن طريقيڪار لاءِ هي اسانجون هدف تاريخون آهن

  • جنوري 11: صفحا ترجمي لاءِ وڌا ويندا
  • جنوري 18:اهم سوالن تي برادري جي مُشاورت جي شروعات
  • فيبروري 15: مُشاورت جو اختطام
  • فيبروري 26: مُشاورت جي تاليف جو پڌراءُ
  • مارچ 4: تبصري لاءِ منصوبي جي پهرئين خاڪي جي پڌرائي