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This page outlines policies 'n' guidelines fur Stewards. Fur instructions 'n' ither documentation, see Steward handbook.
For stewards


Dinnae decide

Stewards dae nae mak' decisions, sic as whither a user shuid (or shuid not) be promoted. Thair hing is tae implement valid community consensus. If thare ur ony doubts as tae whither an action shuid or shuid nae be performed, stewards shuid nae act unless it's an emergency situation requiring immediate action or thare ur na active local users tae dae it.

Stewards shuid aye be neutral. Thay kin vote in elections, bit whin executing th' result o' th' election th' steward haes tae act according tae th' result, even if thay disagree.


While stewards must follow th' 'boon rule, they're nae required tae lik' it 'n' as they're aye ordinar editors 'n' ony ither position(s) thay haud, ur entitled tae freely voice thair opinions, state thair sicht 'n' be heard by th' community, juist as ony ither user kin.

in a nutshell: thay dae nae lose th' ability tae think 'n' cop fur thay hae access tae mair buttons.

Dinnae promote uisers oan projects wi' existing bureaucrats

Local bureaucrats ur responsible fur granting sysop, bureaucrat, 'n' bot rights. Stewards shuid ainlie grant thae rights oan a project if thare ur na active bureaucrats available oan that project.

If a steward an' a' haes bureaucrat access oan a particular project, thay shuid grant rights using th' local bureaucrat interface ower than th' stewards' interface oan Meta. This increases transparency, sin th' action wull be logged oan th' local wiki, 'n' reduces confusion aboot whilk role th' uiser is acting as.

Jook conflicts o' interest

Stewards shuid uise thair judgment tae jook conflicts o' interest, situations whaur thay ur nae impartial tae th' decision. Sic situations shuid be left tae neutral stewards. Thae include:

  • Using steward access oan ony wiki whaur thay huv bin blocked;
  • Changing rights oan hame wikis (wikis whaur thay ur active community members), except fur clearcut cases (such as self-requested removal or emergencies).


Requests fur steward action shuid be made oan th' relevant steward request page. Whin a community asks that rights be changed, a link shuid be provided tae th' page whaur th' action wis discussed 'n' 'greed upon by th' community. Steward activity is visible in th' Meta logs. Whin a request is fulfilled, stewards shuid note this oan th' Meta request page, 'n' ideally oan th' local request page if thare is yin.

Discussion o' steward actions shuid occur oan Meta, ower than privately, sae editors kin ken th' stewards' decisions. If a steward haes doubts aboot a request, thay shuid let th' ither stewards ken sae th' request wull nae be granted by anither steward.

Check local policies

Shuid a wiki huv existing policies regarding th' steward action, stewards mist ensure requests conform tae th' relevant policy afore acting, or that a consensus in favour exists.



Fur criteria o' current elections see Stewards/Elections 2024/Guidelines.

Loss o' steward access


Ony steward inactive (as a steward) wull hae thair steward permissions lifted. "inactive" means: wi' steward actions amounting tae hee-haw fur th' bygane 6 months 'n' less than 10 in th' lest year. Thay kin re-apply thro' th' regular process.

Poll efter a year

Stewardship insae a lifetime status. Uisers git it if thay need it, keep it if fowk trust thaim, 'n' lose it if thay dae nae need it or ur na langer trusted. Steward status is granted 'til th' neist yearly elections, whaur uisers wull be invited tae comment 'n' in particular tae ask fur removal o' status. Shuid th' stewards determine that consensus exists fur a steward's rights be lifted, th' steward wull lose thair status.

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