Funds Dissemination Committee Advisory Group/Formation

Funds Dissemination Committee Advisory Group
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The FDC Advisory Group has been selected and this process is now closed. Thank you to all the nominees.

The WMF Board passed a resolution on the formation of a Funds Dissemination Committee on March 30, 2012 asking the ED to propose a committee structure by June 30, 2012.

From her earlier recommendations on the formation of the FDC, endorsed by the Board, an Advisory Group will be formed to support the creation of the FDC and guide it through its first 1-2 years of operation.

Purpose and time commitment


The purpose of the Advisory Group will be to:

  1. Guide the development of recommendations for the WMF Board in the design of the funds dissemination committee and process with support and facilitation by The Bridgespan Group (April–June 2012)
  2. Support the implementation of the new funds dissemination committee and process (roughly July–October 2012)
  3. Provide guidance and feedback during its early progress, as needed, helping to refine the committee's process (roughly October 2012 – December 2013)

Advisory Group members should expect to spend approximately 4 hours per week on average on this role. In addition, there will be a meeting every 4–6 weeks of 3–4 hours in duration (see schedule below), including at least one meeting every six months in-person.



The Funds Dissemination Advisory Group will consist of 10–12 members, with two or more of the following qualifications:

  • Experience with managing financial planning, accounting and reporting, preferably in a non-profit and/or grantmaking institution
  • Experience with governance in a large, complex setting
  • Experience with the design, execution and evaluation of program work in a non-profit and/or grantmaking institution
  • Exposure to, understanding of, and personal credibility in the Wikimedia movement

All members of the Advisory Group must:

  • Be supportive of the overall purpose and goals of the FDC mandate established by the Board
  • Have a track record of constructive engagement in community discussions and an orientation toward collaborative problem solving
  • Make a time commitment over the next 18–24 months, including travel to San Francisco and/or Europe once every six months
  • Set aside any conflicts of interest and work toward the goals of the Movement without considering narrow individual or organizational interests
  • Be able to communicate effectively in English (given the nature of the work and need to converse on public wikis and in meetings in English)



To ensure the varying perspective and interests of the Wikimedia Movement are included, the overall membership of the Advisory Group should ideally include representatives from the following aspects of our community:

  • 2–3 Wikim/pedians not associated with a chapter (from different geographies)
  • Board member of a large chapter with staff (> ~$250K budget)
  • Board member of a smaller chapter with experience with WMF grants program[1]
  • Experienced senior executive from a large chapter [2]
  • 2 members of the WMF Board
  • 2 WMF executives [3]
  • 2 external expert(s) not familiar with the Wikimedia movement with relevant experience in funds dissemination

Likely Advisory Group meeting dates


The following is the proposed meeting schedule for the design phase of the Advisory Board’s involvement:

  • Week of April 30 (date/time TBD): Three-hour phone meeting to kick-off the work and review the fact base
  • Saturday, June 9: In-person all-day meeting in San Francisco to finalize a recommendation to the Board on the vision for the funds dissemination process
  • Week of July 16 (date/time TBD): Three-hour phone meeting to review Board input and begin planning for design blueprint
  • Week of August 13 (date/time TBD): Three-hour phone meeting to finalize design blueprint and next steps for implementation

Nomination process


The WMF Executive Director will appoint the Advisory Group as its role is to support the Executive Director in fulfilling the requirements of the WMF resolution.

The Advisory Group is open to all community members who meet the criteria and time commitments, including those already serving in other roles in the movement. Those who are interested in nominating a candidate may do so in the area below, noting briefly the category that person would represent and their qualifications for the position. It is okay to self-nominate. Selection for the Advisory Group will not impact a candidate's prospects for selection as a future member of the Funds Dissemination Committee. Before nominating someone, please check whether the individual is interested in serving on the Advisory Group.

Given the tight timeframe for the completion of the recommendations, nominations will close on Monday, April 16, 2012 and the Advisory Group members will be informed of their selection during the week of April 17.

The selection of the Group will be based on the judgment of the Executive Director and will seek to meet the criteria above, creating a group that can represent different vantage points on the funds dissemination question and function effectively as a team. To achieve an effective composition, the Executive Director might select a member who was not nominated in advance.

Nominations (to be added below)



  • Affiliation:
  • Qualifications:
  • Nominated by:
  • Supported by:

Richard Ames

  • Affiliation: None, retired
  • Qualifications: BS Computer Science, MS Systems Management. 20yrs US Navy, starting as Seaman Recruit ending as Lieutenant, retired in 1987... plenty of experience in large organization politics and finance :-). Wikipedia Editor since 2004, user names: RichardAmes (retired), Ariconte, AriDemo. Able to travel, US and Australian citizen.
  • Nominated by: Self
  • Supported by: Casliber (talk) 11:33, 10 April 2012 (UTC)[reply]

Peter Ekman

  • Affiliation: None, retired
  • Qualifications: AB (Economics), MBA (Finance) - University of Illinois, PhD (Finance) - Purdue U. Chartered Financial Analyst (until retirement). Taught 20 years in US and in Europe. Worked extensively with WP:NRHP, and a bit less with WP:GLAM. Editor since 2006 as User:Smallbones.
  • Nominated by: Self
  • Supported by: Solstag (talk)

Itzik Edri


Christophe Henner

  • Affiliation: Board member of Wikimedia France
  • Qualifications: Board member of Wikimedia France since 2007. Currently: Consultant in communication/marketing agency with a focus on digital governance and strategy. Studies in law and economics.
  • Nominated by: self
  • Supported by: User:80686, María Sefidari, Ad Huikeshoven (talk), Galileo Vidoni (Galio)

Miloš Rančić

  • Affiliation: Wikimedia Serbia
  • Qualifications: Founder and board member of Wikimedia Serbia. He has much experience with the program work in non-profit institutions, and to some extents experience with governance in a complex setting. He has been a long-time community member in the Wikimedia movement (serving as a steward and member of several committees).
  • Nominated by: FiliP ██
  • Supported by: FiliP ██, Wikimedia Serbia, The Helpful One, Slashme (talk), Bellayet (Bellayet)

Osmar Valdebenito

  • Affiliation: Wikimedia Chile
  • Qualifications: Founder and President of Wikimedia Chile, and one of the founding members of Iberocoop. Industrial engineer, currently studying a Master in Public Policy Management program and working as project manager in a consulting firm.
  • Nominated by: self
  • Supported by: Patricio Molina (Mahadeva), María Sefidari, Slashme (talk), Oscar Costero, User:Aleposta, Salvador Alcántar, Galileo Vidoni (Galio)
  • Affiliation: Wikimedia Bangladesh
  • Qualifications: A finance graduate (BBA, Major in Finance, University of Dhaka). Now working in a financial institution as credit analyst & appraiser of loans for almost 4 years. A founding member of Wikimedia Bangladesh and Treasurer of founding Executive Committee.
  • Nominated by: Tomer A.
  • Supported by: Tanvir Rahman, Anirudh Bhati, Tanweer Morshed
  • Affiliation: Wikimedia Indonesia
  • Qualifications: Co-manage one million (U.S) dollar grant from The Ford Foundation, seven hundred thousand dollar managed via Wikimedia Indonesia. Re-granting to twenty organizations/ communities/ individuals, 12 of them under Wikimedia Indonesia assessment. Initiate Cipta Media Bersama as an umbrella project using ushaidi to determine the balance spread of 820 grant requests nationwide. Spread *almost* evenly across Indonesia (with the exception of Java which request mostly come). Become a part of first phase selection process, and established an independent experts panel for the second (last) phase. The process is public, transparent, and well received (beside a few technical glitches like the server couldn't handle traffic and lag, and what not). WMID also do small grant from WMF since 2010 totaling around fifty thousand dollar with one umbrella project to cover nine individual projects.
  • Nominated by: self
  • Supported by: User:Theo10011, Slashme, The Helpful One, Anirudh Bhati, Charlene Foster, Stephensuleeman (WMID Trustee), NaidNdeso, Naval Scene (WMID Trustee), za, REX, 22Kartika, Pras, Wagino 20100516, Bellayet (Bellayet)

:*Affiliation: Wikimedia Nederland

  • Qualifications: Financial-economic adviser Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment in the Netherlands, Treasurer Wikimedia Nederland, former Audit Committee community member (2007-2012) Wikimedia Foundation, Master in Economics and Business Administration, Certified Internal Auditor
  • Nominated by: self withdrawn, cannot commit 4 hours a week for 18 to 24 months, and cannot give up Treasury role WMNL (COI)
  • Supported by: Delphine Ménard, Slashme, The Helpful One
  • Affiliation: Wikimedia Danmark
  • Qualifications: Graduate in Economics and Business Administration from CBS, Copenhagen. Self employed consultant in IT and accounting. Wikipedia editor since 2005 (user name: Sir48), auditor for the Danish Wikimedia Chapter, and currently a member of the Ombudsman commission
  • Nominated by: Ole Palnatoke Andersen on behalf of Wikimedia Danmark.
  • Supported by:
  • Affiliation: None
  • Qualifications: In the process of finishing masters degree ICT in Business, including finance subjects, Leiden university, (90% completed). Masters research focuses on open source communities. Longterm (2006 onwards) community member, former admin on the Dutch Wikipedia (2007-2008). Experience with Business Intelligence (Team lead), Business Administration (cleanup of administration, drafting smaller administration processes) and Information systems. Prior involvement in WMNL strategy process, Wikimania 2010, Dutch audit committee, meetup organization and community discussions
  • Nominated by: Lodewijk Gelauff
  • Supported by:


  1. Selection of chapter board reps might be made via the Chapters Association, if this is preferred
  2. Current thinking is that Pavel Richter, CEO Wikimedia Deutschland would be best positioned to fill this role
  3. Sue as the group's formal role is to advise the Executive Director; Barry as CGDO has been tasked with managing the process