My name is Tomer.

I joined the Hebrew Wikipedia on July 2006. At first I used it as a consumer but on November 2008 I found a minor error in an article and decided to give something back by editing it. On June 2009 I became an admin (at the Hebrew Wikipedia) and on August I joined the OTRS team and started monitoring the Hebrew queues on it.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Management from the w:Open University of Israel and I'm now working on an M.Sc in Computer Science from the w:Haifa university. On my free time I'm the chairman of Wikimedia Israel, where I also lead its project to amend the Israeli copyright law to allow free use of State-owned copyrighted material.

it is best to leave me comments in my Talk Page in the Hebrew Wikipedia by adding a new paragraph through this link

My Hebrew user page: w:he:משתמש:תומר א.
My English user page:w:en:user:תומר א.