Vıraşten 2012/Açarnayış/Anketa Donoran

This page is a translated version of the page Fundraising 2012/Translation/Donor survey and the translation is 24% complete.


Email subject

Weqfa Wikimedia anketa becdarey - Reca keme vatışan de xoya mare peşti bıde

Email body

Erciyaye <name>,

You are receiving this email because you've made a donation to Wikimedia Foundation during our annual fundraiser. Your support is extremely valuable, thank you so much.

We would love to receive feedback from you on your experience donating. This is important feedback to help us provide you and donors from your country with a better experience, so please take a moment to answer a few questions about our fundraising.

To see the Donor Survey, click here: <survey link>.

If you have any other feedback or would prefer to email instead, please feel free to send your thoughts to We appreciate your support!

Teşekur keme, The Wikimedia Fundraising Team

Anketa Donoran

Wikipedia needs supporter feedback to learn about specific information regarding individual countries and the best ways to create a great donor experience. Your answers to the questions below will help us provide all local donors with a better donation experience. Please take a moment to review the donation page to help you answer the questions below.

1. Which is the most important reason you donated?

  • Ez herkesi re xoseri malumat dayışi qebul kena.
  • The appeal was sincere and straightforward.
  • I use Wikipedia all the time and wanted to support it.
  • Xoser-*reklama tepıştena Wikipedia.
  • Zewbi (nışan kerin)

2. What was your impression of the personal appeal from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales?

  • It was an effective message and I connected with it.
  • It was clearly written in a language I understand.
  • The language used was unclear or difficult to understand.
  • Parts of the message were confusing to me.
  • Most of the message was unclear.
  • It was a weak message and I did not connect with it.
  • Zewbi (nışan kerin)

3. With which currency would you prefer to donate?

  • South African rand (ZAR)
  • West African CFA franc (XOF)
  • Central African CFA franc (XAF)
  • Kenyan shilling (KES)
  • Euro (EUR)
  • United States dollar (USD)
  • Other (please specify)

4. Would you consider donating even if your local currency was unavailable?

  • No, I would only donate with my local currency.
  • Yes, I would donate regardless, even in a foreign currency.
  • Yes, but I would donate only with the following currencies:

(please list more than one if necessary)

5. Which payment method(s) would you prefer to use?

  • Qerta qredi
  • Qerta banqa
  • Transfera banka
  • Qerta ver dayışi
  • PayPal
  • Charged to your cell phone bill
  • Other (please list more than one if necessary)

6. Would you consider donating even if your favorite payment method (credit card, bank transfer, etc.) was unavailable?

  • No, I would only donate if my favorite payment method was available.
  • Yes, I would donate regardless.
  • Zewbi (nışan kerin)

7. Do the amounts on the right side of the form seem appropriate for the currency available? [URLGOESHERE Click here] to see the link.

  • Yes, they seem appropriate
  • No, the amounts seem too high
  • No, the amounts seem too low
  • If no, what would be a more appropriate amounts:

8. Please click the link provided, which will lead to the address form on our donation page. Does this match the way you typically write your address? [URLGOESHERE Click here] to see the link.

  • Yes, it matches the way I write my address
  • No, there were fields missing/too many fields
  • If no, let us know what was wrong or give us an example of the correct address format of your country:

9. Overall were the pages, links, and information fields easy to understand and in a language that you feel comfortable using?

  • Yes, I understood everything
  • No, some fields/translations/options were not clear or correct
  • If no, let us know how to improve:

10. What was your overall impression of the donation page?

  • It used local terminology and local options created specifically for my country.
  • It used local terminology and local options, but had a few elements that were incorrect.
  • It used some local terminology and local options, but had many elements that were incorrect.
  • It looked like it was created for a different country.
  • Zewbi (nışan kerin)

11. Please use the space below to write any further details or feedback you may have regarding the donations page and message.

Thank you once again for supporting Wikimedia, the non-profit that supports Wikipedia.

Your privacy is important to us. Except as required by law, we will only share your responses with Wikimedia and its contractors. We may, however, publicly share anonymous responses and statistics about the survey. We will never publish your name or email address; however, we may use that information to contact you about Wikimedia and its activities. Wikimedia is a worldwide organization. By answering these questions, you consent to the transfer of your responses to the United States and other places as may be necessary. You can find information on Survey Monkey’s privacy policy: URLGOESHERE