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Підтримати Вікіпедію
  1. За допомогою кредитної карточки
  2. За допомогою кредитної карти
  3. За допомогою PayPal
  4. Зробити пожертву за допомогою PayPal
  5. Інші варіанти
  6. Додаткову інформацією про неприбутковий статус, щорічні звіти та з інших питань див. тут.
  7. Зробити пожертву до локального фонду Вікімедії, клацніть тут.
  8. Якщо у Вас відключено JavaScript, скористайтеся альтернативною формою.
    [Note: Два останніх є виринаючими повідомленнями, що з'являються, коли люди зазначають неправільні суми пожертв. $1 замінюється чимось на зразок "1 USD" або "100 JPY".]
  1. Вікіпедія - проект Wikimedia Foundation.
  2. Запитання чи коментарі? Зверніться до Wikimedia Foundation:
    [Note: These are the same as last year's, see wmf:Special:Prefixindex/Template:2008/Donate-footer/ or Fundraising 2008/core messages.]
  1. Read other Wikipedia stories and donor comments.
    [Note: Translations for "Wikipedia story" and "donor comments" can be found in the core messages request.]
  2. Натискаючи сюди, Ви дозволяєте Фонду Вікімедіа зв'язатися з Вами з приводу Вашої розповіді. Ми попросимо у Вас повний дозвіл на публікацію перед тим, як розміщати де-небудь Вашу розповідь або обговорювати її публічно.
    [Note: This was in the Stories translation request from last year.]
  3. Дивіться більше
    [Note: Not to be confused with "Learn more". This string links to wmf:Support/en, a page full of more buttons to download.]
  4. Дивіться останні коментарі. Потім, прочитайте чому інші донори з усього світу підтримують Вікімедію та подивіться, чи має Ваша корпорація корпоративну програму підтримки добродійності.
Template:Social bookmarks
  1. Розповідіть про це:
  2. Пожертвуйте Вікіпедії
    [Note: This is a "bookmark" title, so it shouldn't be very long.]
  3. Потрібно зберегти Википедию. Допоможіть зберегти її вільної. Ділимося, панове!
    [Note: This is for microblogging sites like Twitter, so the translation should be less than 140 characters.]
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  1. Після натиснення "Пожертвувати", розпочнеться обробка інформації Вашої кредитної картки.
  2. We do not store your credit card information, and your personal data is subject to our privacy policy.
  3. Вікіпедія - проект фонду Вікімедіа. Питання чи коментарі? Зверніться до Фонду Вікімедіа:
    [Note: This is the same as the "footer" text.]
  1. {{SITENAME}} is there when you need it — now it needs you.
  2. {{SITENAME}} is a non-profit project: please donate today.
    [Note: These two notices were used last year, a translation may already exist: Fundraising 2008/core messages.]
  3. Hear more from Jimmy.
  4. Поможіть нам досягнути мети. Зробіть пожертву сьогодні.
  5. Your support keeps Wikipedia free
  6. 5 фактів про Вікіпедію які слід знати
  7. Ми просимо лише раз на рік. Тобто це зараз.
  8. Keep it ad-free.
  9. Вікіпедії потребує Вас.
  10. You keep Wikipedia going. Not ads.
  11. Sgt. used Wikipedia to teach his soldiers to respect Iraqi culture.
  12. Give now.
  13. Be a part of the best story on the Internet.
  14. Think how much Wikipedia has given you. Give some back.
  15. Donate. Then tell the world why.
  16. How much is Wikipedia worth to you?
  17. Donate. Or we consider animated banners with dancing cowboys.
  18. Donate. Click this.
  19. Free knowledge [donate now button]
  20. Tell us why you love Wikipedia. Donate. Tell my story.
  21. How has Wikipedia helped you?
  22. Дякую, Вікіпедія
  23. How quickly will we end our fundraiser?
  24. Make the world smarter.
  25. You use it daily. Pay up.
  26. It’s our Library of Alexandria, our Hitchhiker’s Guide.
  27. Every kid can have an awesome encyclopedia.
  28. How many languages is Wikipedia in?
  29. Хто платить за Вііпедію?
  30. A. Джимі Вейлз
  31. B. Tiny ads
  32. C. Ви.
  33. Your donation benefits 330 million people.
  1. Wikipedia is read by over 250 million people from around the world every month — in over 250 unique language editions. Take a few minutes to tell us your story.
  2. We may use your story to help spread the word and help the world understand the power of Wikipedia.
  3. Please limit your submission to 2000 characters. We may follow-up with you to discuss your story and add more details. If you would like to submit more information or photos, please email
  4. Submit my story!
  1. Support Wikipedia
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  3. Spread the word and show the world that you support Wikipedia
  4. Place these buttons on your blog, social networking pages, website or in your email signature to encourage others to support Wikipedia. All buttons are available under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA License.
  5. Square
  6. Micro
  7. Horizontal banner
  8. On Twitter:
  9. 1. Change your profile pic to show your support:
  10. 2. Then tweet your support for Wikipedia:
  11. I just protected Wikipedia. Help keep it free. Share, everybody! #wikipedia
  12. On Facebook:
  13. 1. Update your status to let your friends know you’re supporting Wikipedia Forever:
  14. I just protected Wikipedia. Help keep it free. Share, everybody!
  15. 2. Then, update your profile pic on Facebook:
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    • In Facebook, now click on the "Profile" link in the main top navigation.
    • Once you reach your profile page, simply click on your current profile picture. You will then have the option to upload your new profile picture.
Button phrases
  1. share
  2. Our shared knowledge. Our shared treasure.
  3. Thanks, Wikipedia.
  4. forever
  5. open
  6. free
  7. Writer
  8. Believer
  9. Reader
  10. Contributor
  11. Wikipedian
Header links
  1. Donate Now
  2. Show Your Support
  3. Share Your Story
  4. Donor Comments
  5. Stories
  6. Запитання?
Five Facts About Wikipedia
  1. Five facts about Wikipedia — and how you can help keep it free.
  2. Fact #1: Wikipedia is run by a non-profit organization, the Wikimedia Foundation.
  3. Fact #2: Even though Wikipedia is one of the five most visited websites in the world, we employ fewer than 35 people.
  4. Fact #3: We support more than 100,000 volunteers who have contributed 14.3 million articles in 270 languages.
  5. Fact #4: We exist so that every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.
  6. Fact #5: We depend on support from donors like you to keep Wikipedia running, and to keep it free. We ask only once a year – now is the time.
  7. Wikipedia is there when you need it. Now it needs you. Donate now.
Donor Comments
  1. Thanks be to all who share their knowledge
  2. Knowledge has the right to people.
  3. I can think of no university that has made a greater contribution to public education than has Wikipedia.
  4. Wikipedia's plethora of quality information is an unmeasurable contribution to this world.
  5. Wikipedia always has the answers I am looking for! Thank you so much for giving the great gift of knowledge to the world!!!
  6. A modern treasure on par with ancient Alexandria! Bravo!
  7. Wikipedia is one of the wonders of the modern world. It would be devastating if it were to somehow fail.
Additional Phrases
  1. People from all over the world have told us how Wikipedia has changed their lives. Thank you for telling us your story.