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Almost half of the languages spoken in the world are considered vulnerable or endangered by UNESCO. However, one of the major factors in determining the survival of a minority language is the presence of its digital tools used in everyday life: keyboards, voice recognition tools, search engines etc. The development of these tools requires the digitisation of large bodies of linguistic data (such as lexicons, dictionaries, speech and written corpora, ontologies etc.), which in turn involves the contribution of speakers. Numerous projects have been initiated in recent years to facilitate such contribution, among which many were presented in the preceding editions of ContribuLing. Certain methodological issues arise as a result of the existence of these platforms:

  • Which strategies should be adopted to encourage active contribution from speakers?
  • How should we use the collected data to create tools that are adapted to the needs of the speakers’ communities?


The 2023 edition of the ContribuLing conference, co-organised by INALCO, Wikimédia France and the BULAC, will take place on May 12th 2023 online and in Paris (France). This third edition encourages proposals focusing on the methodological issues of contribution, while remaining open to any proposal aiming to strengthen the digital presence of minority languages.

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Komîteya Organîzer

  • Adélaïde Calais (Wikimédia France)
  • Johanna Cordova (Inalco / ERTIM / Sorbonne Université)
  • Nonhouegnon Letchede (Idemi Africa)
  • Pierre Magistry (Inalco / ERTIM)
  • Damien Nouvel (Inalco / ERTIM)
  • Tristan Pertegal (BULAC)
  • Juliette Pinçon (BULAC)
  • Lucas Prégaldiny (Wikimédia France / Lingua Libre)
  • Jhonnatan Rangel Murueta (CNRS, Inalco / Sedyl)
  • Anass Sedrati (Wikimedia MA)
  • Bastien Sepúlveda (Inalco)
  • Emma Vadillo Quesada
  • Ilaine Wang (Inalco / ERTIM)


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