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Index creation wizard

  • Problem: Uploading books to Wikisource is difficult. In the current workflow you need to upload the file on Commons, then go to Wikisource and create the Index page (and you need to know the exact URL). The files need to be DJVU, which has different layers for the scan and the text. This is important for tools like Match & Split (if the file is a PDF, this tool doesn't work).

    More importantly, the current workflow (especially for library uploads) includes Internet Archive, and the famous IA-Upload tool. This tool is now fundamental for many libraries and uploaders, but it has several issues.

    As Internet Archive stopped creating the DJVU files from his scans, the international community has struggled solving the issue of creating automatically a DJVU for uploading on Commons and then Wikisource. This has created a situation where libraries love Internet Archive, want to use it, but then get stuck because they don't know how to create a DJVU for Wikisource, and the IA-Upload is bugged and fails often.

  • Proposed solution: # Incorporate the features of IA-Upload tool onto a wiki-side Index/Book Creation Wizard with a more friendly UX redesign.
  1. Expand the wizard's functionality to similar services (eg. Hathi Trust, Google Books, Gallica, etc.)
  2. Allow the wizard to assist in the creation of indexes and configuring its pagelist.


Thanks for creating this proposal! I went ahead and added the most robust description to the problem, based on the previous wishes you linked to-- feel free to edit if you feel the problem statement seems outdates or like it needs more details! The more detailed the description of the problem, the better- hence my edit. Thanks so much! NRodriguez (WMF) (talk) 17:36, 17 January 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]