Sohom Datta (Soda/Sodium)
Sohom Datta (Soda/Sodium)
Volunteer developer, Wikimedia
  I will be attending Wikimania 2023.

About me

Hi guys, I'm Sohom Datta a student and a volunteer developer. I'm interested in the programming side of the MediaWiki project.

My work

I work on the ProofreadPage extension which is deployed on Wikisources in Wikimedia. I work on the PagelistWidget and will be focussing on building the features mentioned in T309490 and T308098 over this year (2022).

Contact me

  • Sohom_Datta on IRC,
  • Sodium#8285 (or sohom_#0) on Discord
  • sohomdatta1+wikimedia(_AT_) (email)
  • sohomdatta1 on github