Community Wishlist Survey 2022/Results/Editing

Here are the results of the Community Wishlist Survey for the Editing category – thanks to everyone who participated this year!

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Rank Proposal Symbol support vote.svg Tickets
1 Better diff handling of paragraph splits 157 T156439, T7072
2 Select preview image 100 T91683
3 Formatting columns in table 77 T2986
4 VisualEditor should use human-like names for references 74 T92432
Related: T243300
5 Autosave edited or new unpublished article 69 T75241
6 Advanced table tools on Visual Editor 60 T54180, T183976, T103276
7 Tool to add Wikidata to an article 58
8 Ability to append additional edit summaries to one’s own edits 56 T15937, T210327
9 Allow wikilinks and formatting in TemplateData 45
10 Enable live preview by default 45 T41272
11 Missing LaTeX capabilities for math rendering 45
12 Custom edit summaries per user 42
13 Subst templates that should be substed automatically 42
14 Easy access Templates 35
15 Make the edit request process easier 34
16 More keyboard shortcuts when editing -- for faster work 33 Related: T66905
17 Alert editors when a change would reduce accessibility of the entry or page 29
18 Add a notification number next to the talk page tab if there are recent discussions 26
19 Like for citations, "Re-use" mode for already listed books in bibliography 25 T100645
Related: T151301
20 Reminders to update other wikipages when updating the current one 18 Related: T156808
21 More easily view template parameters in VE 17 T74083
Related: T206494, T280078
22 Collect and move references to reference section on bottom of article 16
23 No option to enable/disable automatic signing in DiscussionTools 14 T278442
24 Automatic currency converter and inflation calculator 13
25 Case conversion 12
26 List of parameters in modules 12
27 Add infobox without editing whole article 11
28 Uniformity in spelling 11 Related: T265163
29 Native support for alternative section anchors 10
30 Add a modality to keep contested images of commons on Wikipedia 9
31 Suggested Edits Implemented on Web 8
32 Find redirects in navbox templates tool/function 5
33 Make the article text wrap around the Contents box 4
34 Average edits per day in CentralAuth 2