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El Tecnología Comunitaria es un equipo de la Fundación Wikimedia que corre la Encuesta de Deseos de la Comunidad. Construye y mejora curación y herramientas de moderación para experimentó usuarios, apoya operadores de los bots, y más. La creación del equipo es un resultado directo de peticiones de colaboradores de núcleo. El equipo trabaja de cerca con los editores, desarrolladores de voluntario, y otro equipos de Wikimedia.

Current projects

Projects Project status
Copy and paste from diffs
(Un)delete associated talk page
   In development
Warn when linking to disambiguation pages
   In development
Real Time Preview for Wikitext
   In development
Bibliographic bot for Wikidata

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Artículo principal : Community Wishlist Survey/Updates

November 8, 2021: Warn when linking to disambiguation pages

We have an update about the wish. We have finished user tests. Leer más

November 2, 2021: Real Time Preview for Wikitext

Thank you for your comments on the talk page, as well as the latest "Talk to Us" video call. Also, we have conducted usability testing. We are sharing the most important findings. Leer más

October 19, 2021: Declining the Bibliographic Bot Wish

Wish Title: Bibliographic Bot

Wish Rank: #14

Reason Summary: Scope of work too large, not enough votes.

We have decided to decline this project. We did this after careful consideration and multiple rounds of feedback within the team and conversations with other teams at WMF and affiliates.

Rationale: First, the engineers and designers investigated the scope of work defined in the problem statement of the wish (T243150). We have determined that the work alone far exceeds our initial estimation of it.

This wish scored very high in our prioritization process because at a glance, it seemed straightforward to duplicate the Citoid behavior inside of Wikidata. We assumed that it involved a low complexity from a technical and design perspective because we could reuse the code and designs. However, citations in Wikidata must be linked as references to other objects in the database. This significantly increases the complexity.

This wish did not score the top 10 most popular wishes. It came in at #14. We were wrong about the initial estimation. In fact the work for this wish was worked on by Wikidata/Wikimedia Deutschland for multiple months. The final solution was too complex to complete given the resources available at the time. This would take the Community Tech team multiple months to complete, and there are other wishes that were more popular that we will work on instead.

20 de agosto de 2021: La Encuesta de Deseos de la Comunidad se celebrará en enero de 2022

Realizaremos la Encuesta de Deseos de la Comunidad 2022 en enero de 2022. Necesitamos más tiempo para trabajar en los deseos de 2021. También necesitamos tiempo para preparar algunos cambios en la Encuesta de Deseos de 2022. Mientras tanto, puede usar una zona de pruebas dedicada para dejar ideas iniciales para los deseos de 2022. Leer más

What we do

We mainly work on the Community Wishlist Survey. It's an annual project which contributors from all Wikimedia wikis can ask for changes that they would most like to see.

We work on relatively small tasks and that have a direct benefit for the most active contributors. In particular, we support those who:

  • Participate in the curatorial and administrative layers of the Wikimedia projects
  • Work on technical features for wikis such as templates, modules, gadgets, user scripts, and bots.

Occasionally, we also work on other projects. We do that to help smaller groups that may not have enough support in the Survey. This is how we have worked on:

Tasks that are in scope include:

  • Creating gadgets, bots, and wizards to help users in what they already do
  • Modifying existing gadgets and bots so that they can work on more projects
  • Converting heavily-used community code (gadgets and user-scripts) into part of the MediaWiki software
  • Building tools for WikiProjects
  • Identifying and fixing issues with most important old tools for experienced users, such as AbuseFilter or Citation bot
  • Creating better documentation for these tools so that they can be better utilized

Tasks that are not in scope include:

  • Maintaining orphaned/abandoned projects from other WMF teams.
  • Supporting internal needs of WMF teams.
  • Large, long-term development projects like converting Commons to use structured meta-data or creating an entirely new watchlist interface.
  • Being the point of contact for all community technical requests.
  • Sysadmin type tasks such as managing Toolforge, improving site performance, creating new wikis, managing IRC channels, etc.

We uphold the civility standards set by the Terms of Use. We observe and maintain the friendly space expectations for Grants spaces in our interactions. We ask that all contributors to Community Tech spaces do the same.

For a more detailed breakdown of the team's current work, check our Kanban board in Phabricator.



The Community Tech team has a similar mandate to Wikimedia Deutschland's Community Tech team – Technischer Communitybedarf, or TCB – which provides technical assistance and software development for the German Wikimedia community. We will be collaborating with them on projects that overlap between our teams and assisting each other with technical assessment and code review. We will also be collaborating with other WMF development teams when high-priority community requests fall within their scope. In such cases, we will work with the leaders of the other teams to negotiate timelines, expectations, priorities, and ownership. We also spend a good deal of our time working with and supporting Wikimedia volunteer developers.

Engaging with Community Tech

We triage and track our work in Phabricator. Outside the annual Community Wishlist Survey, use the following Phabricator templates to log feature requests and bugs for the tools we maintain:

We review and triage new requests on a biweekly cadence.

We also host monthly Talk to Us hours.


Es importante para nosotros...

  • Trabajar en proyectos de gran impacto
  • Ayudar los Wikis grandes y pequeños, en muchos idiomas
  • Estar abierto y comunicativo
  • Estar responsivo a las solicitudes y preocupaciones de todos
  • Estar tranquilidad y civilizado, y asumir de buena fe

We're a small team, and there's a lot to do! We want to be as helpful and effective as we can, so we can't take everything on. Saying no to requests that we can't help with is an important part of our job, because it frees up time and energy for the requests that we can help with.

But "no" is hard to hear sometimes, so here are some guidelines about working and communicating with the Community Tech team.

  • Please be calm and civil, and assume good faith on our part. We care about the projects too.
  • Nos encantan nuestros trabajos y trabajamos duro, pero no trabajamos 24/7, y no podemos garantizar una respuesta inmediata.
  • Si una persona concreta o asunto está tomando un porcentaje sobredimensionado de nuestro tiempo en el wiki, aquello toma tiempo y atención fuera de otras personas. A veces tendremos que cerrar una conversación, y decir que no podemos gastar más tiempo en un tema particular.
  • We can't take on projects that are currently on another product team's roadmap, or a project that directly conflicts with another team's work.
  • If there's an issue with another product team's work, we can direct you to the appropriate person to talk to.
  • We can't answer questions about staffing issues, or confidential matters.

Users Guide

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Find our user guides here:

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