Community Tech/User Guide James McLeod

Preferred Name edit


How to talk to me edit

I try to be very approachable; find me on Slack or by email or set up a meeting or get my attention in person.

Pronouns edit


Things I like edit
  • Food and cooking
  • Scube diving
  • Riding my motorbike
  • Walking
  • Movies
  • Reading
  • Spreadsheets
Things I’m bad at edit
  • Probably everything I like
Annoying things I do edit
  • Get distracted easily
How to cheer me up when I am grumpy edit
  • Funny jokes
  • Quotations from Airplane!
  • Pictures of dogs and cats
Hot takes edit

Project and program management are not about process or delivery; they are about politics and communication.

Anything else you should know about me edit

I am recovering from being devastatingly shy; I have been told I am overcompensating.