Community Tech/Maintenance

These projects are developed according to the processes described on Development subpage.

Each project has a current maintenance status assigned to it, which doesn't include the maintenance work we do in our volunteering capacity. We review the status at least annually, when the stability of a project changes or interest to refocus on projects has been expressed by the community. We looked at standards for maintenance across other teams to come up with this approach and introduced these 4 maintenance status. To achieve an approach for deciding on the maintenance status of each project, we tried to focus on usage metrics, but also number of contributions to a project in terms of tickets or patches, which we visualised in this dashboard. The idea behind this table is to be fully transparent about our decision making, considering our head count and product focus.

See also the UptimeRobot status of all of our tools.

Status Bug triaging Development Code review Further Notes
Active Development Yes with prioritization Lead by PM with UX resources Per statement This is a wish we are currently implementing.
Active Maintenance Yes with prioritization Bug fixing and small improvements, no new feature requests. Per statement We worked on this recently and we will make sure it stays stable.
Passive Maintenance No Only fixing "Unbreak Now" bugs Yes but not prioritized We worked on this a while ago, it is complete work, but we want to make sure it stays running.
Unmaintained by CommTech No No No This means we are still available for advice on talk pages and people can rewish to refocus on this project. When assigning this status it means that the work is complete and there is very little maintenance required. We would like to help you deploy things if you need us. This means we would be happy to assign a maintainer to it, if someone is interested, otherwise we'll try our best to keep it alive.
Documentation Maintenance
Type Project Homepage User Sysadmin Developer API Issues Discussion Key Metric Maintenance status
bot Popular pages bot Popular pages bot Yes Yes No N/A wikimedia/popularpages User talk:Community Tech bot Contributions (config edits) Passive Maintenance
tool CopyPatrol CopyPatrol Yes No No N/A phab:tag/copypatrol Talk:CopyPatrol Usage/Open Ticket Count Active Maintenance
tool Pageviews Analysis Pageviews Analysis Yes Outdated Yes N/A phab:tag/tool-pageviews Talk:Pageviews Analysis Usage (Open Ticket Count Active Maintenance
tool XTools XTools Yes Yes Yes Yes phab:tag/xtools mw:Talk:XTools Usage/Open Ticket Count Active Maintenance
ext GlobalPreferences GlobalPreferences Yes Yes Yes Yes phab:tag/mediawiki-extensions-globalpreferences Talk:Community Tech/Global preferences Open Ticket Count/Patch Count Passive Maintenance
ext CodeMirror Wikitext editor syntax highlighting Partial Yes Yes N/A phab:tag/mediawiki-extensions-codemirror Talk:Community Tech/Wikitext editor syntax highlighting or mw:Extension talk:CodeMirror Open Ticket Count/Patch Count Active Maintenance
ext LoginNotify LoginNotify No Yes Yes N/A phab:tag/mediawiki-extensions-loginnotify Talk:Community Tech/LoginNotify Open Ticket Count/Patch Count Passive Maintenance
tool IA Upload IA Upload Yes Yes Yes N/A phab:tag/ia-upload wikitech:Tool talk:IA Upload Usage/Open Ticket Count Unmaintained by CommTech
tool Database reports Database reports N/A Yes Yes N/A User talk:Community Tech bot Usage ([1][2][3][4]) Passive Maintenance
core Numerical sorting Numerical sorting N/A Yes Yes N/A Talk:Community Tech/Numerical sorting in categories Not applicable Unmaintained by CommTech
ext Page Assessments Page Assessments No Yes Yes Yes phab:tag/mediawiki-extensions-pageassessments Usage (Dependencies) Active Maintenance
tool SVG Translate SVG Translate Yes No Yes N/A phab:tag/svg_translate_tool Commons:SVG Translate tool Open Ticket Count/Usage Active Maintenance
ext TemplateWizard TemplateWizard Yes Yes Yes N/A phab:tag/mediawiki-extensions-templatewizard Open Ticket Count/Patch Count Passive Maintenance
bot Commons deletion bot Commons deletion bot No No Yes N/A phab:tag/commonsnotifier Talk:Community Tech/Commons deletion notification bot Open Ticket Count Passive Maintenance
tool Event Metrics Event Metrics Yes Yes Yes N/A phab:tag/event_metrics Talk:Event Metrics Not applicable Unmaintained by CommTech
tool Wikisource Export 1st project, 2nd project Yes Yes No N/A phab:tag/ws-export 1st project, 2nd project Open Ticket Count Active Maintenance
tool Who Wrote That? Who Wrote That? No N/A Yes N/A phab:tag/who-wrote-that Talk:Community Tech/Who Wrote That tool Open Ticket Count Active Maintenance
core Watchlist Expiry Watchlist Expiry Yes No N/A N/A phab:tag/expiring-watchlist-items Talk:Community Tech/Watchlist Expiry Open Ticket Count Passive Maintenance
ext Wikimedia OCR Wikimedia OCR Yes Yes Yes Yes phab:tag/wikimedia_ocr Open Ticket Count Passive Maintenance
ext Realtime Preview Realtime Preview Yes Yes Yes N/A phab:tag/realtime_preview Talk:Community Tech Usage vs. other preview types Active Maintenance
ext Phonos Generate Audio for IPA Yes Yes Yes No phab:tag/IPA-Audio-Renderer-Wish-2022 Talk:Community Wishlist Survey 2022/Generate Audio for IPA Active Maintenance
ext Better Diffs Better Diffs Yes No No N/A phab:tag/better-diffs-2023 Talk:Community Tech Active Maintenance
core Edit Recovery Edit-recovery feature Yes Yes Yes N/A phab:tag/edit_recovery Talk page Active Development
tool WikiWho mw:WikiWho Yes Yes Yes Yes phab:tag/wikiwho mw:Talk:WikiWho Active Maintenance
core Multiblocks Multiblocks No No No No phab:tag/multiblocks Talk:Community Wishlist Survey 2023/Multiblocks Active Development
gadget AutosuggestSitelink AutosuggestSitelink Yes N/A Yes N/A phab:tag/AutosuggestSitelink Talk:AutosuggestSitelink Active Development