Community Tech/User Guide Karolin Siebert

Preferred Name: edit


How to talk to me: edit
  • Talk to me anytime because I want to commit to being approachable, I like to have ad-hoc meetings as much as planned ones, but mostly I need a couple minutes to get ready to be social
  • I am a visual learner, so it really helps me to have shared notes somewhere that we can talk through together
  • I also love screenshots of whatever we are working on and screen shares
  • I really like make sure when having meetings we don't just debate but also come up with decisions, It's fine to postpone a decision though, because we don't feel ready
  • I am very interested in everyone's opinion to then take decisions democratically
Pronouns: edit


Things I like: edit
  • good family stuff
  • potato crips and other fried things, especially eating them angrily
  • broccoli
  • my plants, I suffer when they are struggling
  • treating everyone with equal respect, even if you don't know them yet
  • long friendships
  • barbecue
  • water sports
  • forests
Things I’m bad at: edit
  • not getting too excited about the things people say and think about other things related to that and listen generously at all times ( I am really trying though )
  • differentiating between hunger and anger
  • taking a break when I need it
  • small talk
  • being extroverted for a whole day without having space to recover
Annoying things I do: edit
  • I say sorry for a lot of things
  • I feel guilty for silly things
  • I talk a lot about sleep science by Mathew Walker
  • I will try to find sneaky ways to get you interested in meditation
  • I assume everyone loves cooking
How to cheer me up when I am grumpy: edit
  • remind me that earth is part of a huge universe and humanity is most probably a temporary occurrence
  • tell me to eat, drink and workout
Anything else you should know about me: edit

I am really paranoidly scared of violence and seeing it in any form and when I am scared I get angry. I hate it when violence is being shown on tv and think it shouldn't be shown in respect for the people that are suffering it or when onlookers are observing it without taking action.