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On Wikimedia Foundation projects, an Arbitration Committee (sometimes abbreviated as "ArbCom") is a small group of trusted users who serve as a means of dispute resolution that have been initiated on some individual Wikimedia Foundation projects. Rulings, policies and procedures differ between projects depending on local and cultural contexts. According to the Wikimedia Terms of Use, users are not obliged to have a dispute solved by an ArbCom.


The first Wikimedia project to use an arbitration committee was the Swedish Wikipedia.

[2] The English Wikipedia ArbCom was created by Jimmy Wales as an extension of the decision-making power he formerly held as CEO of site-owner Bomis Inc., to take over his role in resolving complex disputes between users.[3]

Arbitration Committees are now used on eleven Wikipedia versions.

مَضموٗن نِگٲری

کٔمیٖٹیَن چھِ پرؠتھ دۄہ پٲٹھی پانژھ(۵) تا پَنٛدہ(۱۵) رُکُن، یِمہٕ زاننہٕ یوان چھِ "آربِٹریٹٲرٕز". معاملہٕ چھِ تبدیٖل گژھان زیچھرَس منٛز، کُنہِ سٕتی صِرف ترؠن(۳) ؤریَن تام.

Projects with Arbitration Committees

وِکیٖپیٖڈیا ؤرجَنٕز

مَنصوٗبہٕ ناو Established اِیٖی-ڈاک پوٗشیٖدٕ وِکی نوٹٕس
cs – Czech Arbitrážní výbor 2006 arbcom-cs lists wikimedia org
de – German Schiedsgericht 2007 arbcomde-l lists wikimedia org
en – English Arbitration Committee 2004 arbcom-en wikimedia org
fa – Persian هیئت نظارت 2010 Limited purview, mainly a supervisory council for complaints against admins
fi – Finnish Välityslautakunta 2007
fr – French Comité d'arbitrage 2013 car-fr-l lists wikimedia org No arbitrators elected in last elections. Inactive until next elections.
hu – Hungarian Wikitanács 2009
nl – Dutch Arbitragecommissie 2007 arbcom-nl lists wikimedia org
pl – Polish Komitet Arbitrażowy 2007
ru – Russian Арбитражный комитет 2005 arbcom-ru wikimedia org New every half-a-year
uk – Ukrainian Арбітражний комітет 2009

Projects with inactive, trial or dissolved Arbitration Committees

وِکیٖپیٖڈیا ؤرجَنٕز
وِکی وہ ییج ؤرجنٕز
Wikinews versions

بییہٚ وُچُھو


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