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סמליל ויקיפדיה האנגלית.
סמליל ויקיפדיה העברית.

The project began with the English-language Wikipedia on January 15, 2001. On March 16, 2001, it was joined by German Wikipedia, and shortly afterwards by many other languages. Large efforts are underway to highlight the international nature of the project.

As of May 2024, there are 328 Wikipedias which have over 100 articles, 171 of which have over 10,000 articles, and 71 of which have over 100,000 articles.

As of May 2024, there are 342 language editions of Wikipedia, which collectively have 62,991,424 articles.

For detailed statistics, see the List of Wikipedias/he.

אבני דרך

ב-20 בספטמבר 2004 ויקיפדיה הגיעה לסכום של 1,000,000 ערכים ביותר מ־100 שפות שונות.

ויקיפדיה האנגלית הגיעה ל 1,000,000 ערכים ב-1 במרץ 2006, ל-2,000,000 ערכים ב-9 בספטמבר 2007, 3,000,000 ערכים ב-17 באוגוסט 2009, 4,000,000 ערכים ב-13 ביולי 2012, ל-5,000,000 ערכים ב-1 בנובמבר 2015, ול-6,000,000 ערכים ב-23 בינואר 2020.

Following the English-language Wikipedia, the German (27 December 2009), French (21 September 2010), Dutch (17 December 2011), Italian (23 January 2013), Russian (11 May 2013), Spanish (16 May 2013), Swedish (15 June 2013)[1], Polish (24 September 2013), Waray (8 June 2014), Vietnamese (15 June 2014), Cebuano (16 July 2014)[1], Japanese (19 January 2016), Chinese (13 April 2018), Portuguese (26 June 2018), Arabic (17 November 2019), Ukrainian (22 March 2020), Egyptian Arabic (28 July 2020) and Persian editions (22 April 2024) each have more than 1,000,000 articles.

On 5 September 2015, the Swedish Wikipedia hit 2,000,000 articles followed by the Cebuano Wikipedia on 14 February 2016,[1] by the German Wikipedia on 19 November 2016, by the French Wikipedia on 8 July 2018 and by the Dutch Wikipedia on 8 March 2020.

On 27 April 2016, the Swedish Wikipedia hit 3,000,000 articles followed by the Cebuano Wikipedia on 25 September 2016.[1]

On 11 February 2017, the Cebuano Wikipedia hit 4,000,000 articles.[1]

On 8 August 2017, the Cebuano Wikipedia hit 5,000,000 articles.[1]

On 14 October 2021, the Cebuano Wikipedia hit 6,000,000 articles.[1]

In 2004 Wikipedia won the Webby Award for "Community" and the Prix Ars Electronica for "Digital Community". In 2015, the Erasmus Prize was awarded to the Wikipedia community collectively.

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