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Thematic/regional/language-specific meetups edit

If you are planning a thematic/regional/language-specific meetup, please add it to the overview below. Please sign up if you want to join an existing meetup!

Meetups are intended to take place at the WMDE Office from 19:30 to 23:00 on Friday, March 29.

Please note that we are trying to fulfill all meeting requests as good as possible, we are however restricted to the amount of available rooms at our office. Consequently, we will assign the meeting rooms for the meetups on a first come, first serve basis.  

Meetup Name Description Initiator/Contact Person Participants Date&Time Location

(suggested by event team)

Affiliate Chairpersons meeting This meeting is open only for chairs of Wikimedia organizations, chapters and thematic organizations. Frans Grijzenhout (chair WMNL) List Friday from 19ː00 to 21ː00 Alphabet Affiliate Chairpersons meeting March 29, 2019
User Groups Affiliates Meeting This meeting is intended for representatives and members of User Groups affiliates to discuss the coming Affiliate Selected Board Seats (ASBS) of the Board of Trustees, as well as means of future organization. Shani Evenstein (Chair, WikiProject Medicine User Group; Chair Wikipedia & Education User Group) List of attendees Saturday from 17ː00 to 18:30 Kindl 1+2 User Groups Affiliates Meeting
Asia-Oceania Wikimedia meeting This meeting is open to all participants interested in collaboration programmes and/or development of the movement in the Asia and Oceania region. Butch Bustria (ESEAP & Wikimedia Asia-Oceania Forum) List

~12-15 participants

Friday from 19ː00 to 21ː00 Synkope Agenda:
  • Recent outreach and online engagements of each participant
  • Wikipedia Asia Month
  • Wikimania is coming to Asia on 2020
  • Plans for the Asian community
  • May split into Asian sub-regional groups (ESEAP, SAARC, etc) for their specific agenda
Arab Wikimedians Meeting Dedicated for discussing projects, activities and topics of interest to the Arabic-speaking Wikimedia Community. Abbad (Chair of Wikimedia Levant) List Friday from 19ː30 to 21ː00 Abakus If you don't speak Arabic and you'd like to participate, kindly let the contact person know in advance in order to arrange for an English language session (typically, all conversations are conducted in Arabic, but most attendees are also fluent in English).
Wikimedia and Libraries User Group Meeting Join us if you are interested in discussing the connections between Wikimedia projects and libraries and find out what the Wikimedia and Libraries User Group is up to! Merrilee Friday from 20:00 to 20:45 Okular
Wikimedia Central and Eastern Europe meetup Meeting of affiliates from Central and Eastern Europe, but open to everyone interested The CEE affiliates
Contact: User:Philip Kopetzky
~25 attendees, List Friday from 19ː00 to 21ː00 Viadukt Topics: CEE Spring, CEE Meeting, Affiliate-selected board seats, ...
African Meetup Dedicated for discussing projects, activities and topics of interest to the African Community. co-hosts: Emna & Felix List Saturday from 18ː00 to 19ː00 Britz updates on Wiki Indaba and updates from WISCOM.

Any potential collaboration between the African community and diaspora will be welcomed.

Wikidata & Wikibase meetup

Meetup for everyone active or interested in Wikidata or Wikibase! It's the occasion to discuss with other community members and with the development team. Léa Lacroix (WMDE) Friday from 19:00 to 21:00 Nukleus + Polygon

We will start with a round of introduction, general questions, then we can split into groups for specific topics. Examples of topics:

  • Wikidata future developments
  • using your own instance of Wikibase? Feedback from early users
  • How to organize Wikidata trainings & training materials
Francophone Meetup This meetup will gather French speaking wikimedians and members of affiliated groups or chapters staff. The main subject will be WikiFranca and its development in these next 2 years. Rémy Gerbet WMFr List

12-15 people


21ː15 to 22ː30

Alphabet WikiFranca is the partnership between french speaking wikimedians. If you wish to attend and cannot speak French, please feel free to contact Rémy or Adélaïde.
LGBT+ Meetup Meetup of the LGBT+ User Group Shikeishu List Friday from 21:15 to 22:30 Polygon
Wiki Science Competition   Dedicated for discussing international Wiki Science Competition. co-hosts: Alessandro & Ivo (WMEE) page Friday

21ː15 to 22ː30

Nukleus Chapters and affiliates which will take part in the WSC2019 organization.
Wikimania Meetup Dedicated for discussing Wikimania preparations. Co-hosts: Eric Luth & Wittylama Page under preparation Friday 21:15-22:00 Abakus Discussing how this year's Wikimania program will be created, and identifying any gaps among the submissions received.
Iberocoop Meetup Iberocoop is the initiative between Spanish, Italian and Portuguese wikimedians. Oscar Costero List Saturday 12:00-13:30 Britz Agenda
  • Mes de Latinoamérica
  • Próximos pasos de los Grupos de Trabajo: conversaciones comunitarias
  • Comentarios sobre la Carta de Santiago
  • Elección de miembros de la Junta elegidos por los afiliados (ASBS)
  • Próxima Iberoconf
Commons Photographers Meetup Dedicated for discussing projects, activities and topics of interest to Wikimedia Commons Community. Hamed Gamaoun List Friday from 21ː15 to 22ː00 Synkope
Public Policy Meetup Come meet with others interested in discussing how Communities, the Movement, and the Foundation can work together to affect public policy for the better. Sherwin Siy List Friday 19:00-21:00 Teleskop
AffCom Lunch Meetup Come have lunch with the AffCom members attending the conference and ask any questions you have regarding affiliates! Kirill Lokshin Link Saturday 12:00-13:30 Hotel Restaurant
Wiki Indaba Steering Committee (WISCom) Meeting for WikiIndaba Steering Committee (WISCom). Bobby Shabangu List of attendees Sunday from 17ː00 to 18:00 Hotel restuarant Wiki Indaba Steering Committee (WISCom)